SIP for Basket Order & changing SIP default time 10 am

Currently SIPs need to be set for individual stock and it gets triggered at default time at 10 am. Suppose i want to change SIP of all stocks to all trading days or weekly or monthly, so i have to get it done individually which is very time consuming instead if SIP for basket is there then i can change the SIP easily also any additions removal of stocks can be done easily in basket itself.

Secondly option to choose timing instead of default timing of 10 am.

We earlier had SIP Basket, the adoption of that was very low, was removed hence. You can create a basket of stocks and execute them whenever you want to. Baskets on Dhan stay even after execution, you yes - you will have to create it once and execute them later as you wish.

SIP execution time on Dhan is at 10 am only.

Can you please reintroduce the Basket SIP feature and also the option to have time slots and Pause feature…

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Hi @Vignesh_N

Thank you for showing your interest, we have noted your suggestion to add again and will check the possibilities to implement it.

Hi, Please re-introduce Basket SIP order. Your competition Zerodha has it for years. This might cause users to move to Zerodha if they find this important feature missing.