Slow order reflection

i am talking about how slow is order reflection in dhan app.
Zerodha is really fast in this part .

  1. when iceberg order or big quantity trigger , why do i see dhan reloading logo it shouldn’t be coming because it hides the screen and prevent me from taking next step .
  2. why it takes time to reflect the buy order in order section.
  3. after applying stop loss , even it takes time to reflect in pending order status .
    i use 2 mobiles , 1 for order and second for trade management

sometime scalping is done in 5 seconds so this delay should not be there . i do believe dhan can be as fast as Zerodha


Im also having same issues when doing scalping . some times are orders are not reflecting anywhere or being executed at much higher spread.

I hope dhan can beccome more scalper freindly.

Hi @dsc & Welcome to Dhan Community @nidhin_tt,

We are having this checked and will keep you posted with an update.

Hi @dsc & @nidhin_tt,

Thanks for highilghting, we have identified the root cause. Same will be fixed in our next build.

Hi @dsc & @nidhin_tt,

This is fixed now.