Some more suggestions for the platform

After using the trading-view terminal for a while now, I can see some features missing or things which can improve:

  1. After Market orders are missing, we should be able to place After market orders from Trading-view terminal itself.

  2. Fyers has a whole list of accessible features fully implemented in the tradingview terminal itself, Like for example if I want to create an alert in dhan’s tradingview I wouldn’t be able to do so, I can only do so on the app or web, Is there a way for you to fully implement these things directly into tradingview terminal itself? This constant switching is annoying and makes the process of trading, organizing and analyzing less seamless.

(See below the implemented features in fyers’s trading-view platform):

Can you implement the fno chain, and all these other tools?, These are very important to pro traders.

Fyers also partnered with trading-view to offer some widgets which are very useful,
see this:

And another Important feature would be to have a technical rating meter, This is requested by other traders also who use dhan, not just me on twitter.

Now another little thing which can be added in both web and app is that, you should also allow us to see Indices of international markets and also SGX Nifty, It is an obvious fact that the international markets does exert some influence on our markets, so usually the pro traders also look at those indices.

The reason I’m suggesting this is, I read somewhere that Dhan seek to attract top tier traders who already know a thing or two about the markets but I believe the platform isn’t ready to cater to such traders.

There are many more suggestions, and I don’t want to make this post more long, so let us reserve them for some other day.
(BTW I’ve noticed that the team is not checking the posts made here actively, and in order to get their attention, we have to tag the team member, so here is the tag @RahulDeshpande
@Naman )


Hi @Yash0301,

We sincerely thank you for the suggestions you provide and your efforts in helping us improve our product experience. We appreciate your commitment to us and our product.

Some of the features suggested by you are already in our pipeline and we can’t wait for you to experience those features once we release them. We have noted your other suggestions and will take them into consideration.

We are happy to connect with you to take your suggestions on zoom or you can drop a mail on as well. Looking forward to hearing from you :grinning:


Eagerly Waiting for the features to release :grinning:
And yes going forward I would drop you an email and we can arrange calls for more in-dept discussions, as of now I’m comfortable to share the feedbacks and suggestions in this way. It’s very convenient to interact on this community rather than using emails so I prefer this medium. But if I have some major feedbacks and suggestions I would drop you an email and we can then get together and discuss on zoom.

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Sure. You can drop a mail on our feedback email or on my mail as well: and we will set up our meet accordingly.

Your contribution to the community benefits all the community members too :grinning:

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plz add
advance decline of all main indices
alert placement on charts
closing % change & ltp for eod analysis
200 sma & ema in technical info

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