SSP- Systematic Selling Plan

Like we have SIP- systematic investment plan; which the process of investment emotion less and consistent.

For more mature investors who loosing confidence in the company business or management, can use SSP (systematic selling plan) for slowly trim their portfolio instead sell it all off in fear.

Like buying, selling must be emotion less n profit booking be consistent which can be achieved with systematic selling plan- allowing investors to sell their holdings any value/quantity of equity on daily,weekly, monthly basis.

Please consider this feature. Atleast launch as beta. Because non of the brokers have it currently (Groww maybe as SWP “systematic withdrawal plan” but only for MF not equity) .

Dhan can be first creating UX more feasible by this feature.

Thank You.

Hi @Keshavism,

We have noted your suggestion on systematic selling plan to enhance your experience. Thank you!

Yes, stocks and etfs also need mutual fund like features

  1. SIP (already exists and awesome in dhan)
  2. SWP (systematic withdrawl plan) (as requested by the original poster) exactly opposite to stock SIP, let the investor
  3. STP (systematic transfer plan) exit 1 stock and buy another, say exit liquidbees every week and buy niftybees or viceversa.