Statements & Reports which are to be updated everyday

I used to trade in Fyers, zerodha. they would usually have a console like system where we can have each and every statement and charges and they would be updated after every trading day…
But i choosed Dhan as my default trading broker but after placing few trades, i see that there is no specific system where the systems & reports are not shown & updated but rather we have to request ourselves for the specific reports which will be sent to our email :thinking:

i think this is a very tedious process if Dhan is not even equipped with this feature in the web version in the first place… Traders Trade from Web Version, hence they would need all these statements in web version itself.
So please concentrate on the web version & please update this back-office stuff.

If this won’t get updated, trust me, serious traders won’t choose Dhan as they would seriously need all these Back-office statements & reports for accounting stuff.
Hopefully we will see this thing integrated in Dhan or maybe i gotta choose zerodha or Fyers again!!

Hopefully Dhan would listen to their customers very soon:) @PravinJ @Naman

Would be great if we get the below backoffice features

For individual segments - Equity, Futures and Options, Currency or Commodity
P&L for Combined, Realized or Un-realized
Option to search for a specific symbol P&L only
Option to search for a specific Tag P&L only.
Daily Profit/ Loss progress Calendar Just like Zerodha console


@kckittu, I agree with you. Separate back office required or dhan need to improved current platform for backoffice. @PravinJ @Naman


Hi @kckittu & @nmw,

All the given points are valid and I agree with them. We assure you that the statements & Reports are a priority item. In the coming days, we’ll be having an enhanced experience of this. Request your support & patience until then.


Totally agree, I just opened my account thinking of making it as my primary account, looks like it lacks the most important feature,

@PravinJ @Naman @Kiran - Any ETA for the same, by when we can have it Integrated ?

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Hi @Sachinkm,

Although I am unable to commit timelines right now, I would like to assure you that we are tirelessly working on improving the statement & report experience for all our users. We’ll get back super soon.

We have this on our roadmap, we just started few months back and building most of this to ensure trader’s get an incredible experience.

Its one step at a time for us, ensuring we ship this on the go.

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You are very right, this is the primary reason for which Dhan is still not my default trading account.

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They have all the new and amazing features implemented very fast and kudos to the team for that but as far as basic and one of the most important features i.e statement reports is concerned, the implementation is very poor and the speed for improving this is at a snails pace.
Have already moved majority of my money out from here. Am in loss in one of my holdings and would move out as and when i am in profit.
Will not be closing the demat account as am really impressed with the new features that dhan is bringing out daily. Will keep this as a back up account and see how they improve the back office experience in future and based on that will decide to use it more actively.

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Hi @vips0099,

Thanks for being open and honest about your experience so we can learn from it. We’ll soon improve the overall statement experience for users like you!

Hoping in the future you’ll make Dhan your primary trading account.

Same here. While Dhan has very appealing look and features, it lacks speed of web pages and total failure of reporting. Regretting the decision to switch to this without first checking the reporting and web page speed

Yes these are the following things you might want to look at

  1. P&l statement I have to sit and calculate everything.
  2. Why email when you can give the download option there itself. Even other brokers provide the same
  3. When do we get P&l overall numbers like zerodha?
  4. Can you segregate loss trades and profit trades in two tabs. The overview tab will give it all. We can also look at overall losses and profits.

Hi @Mavvy,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this. We assure you that the statements are on our priority list. In the coming days, we’ll be improving the overall P&L experience. However, Please email us the calculation-related concern at