Sticky window and Time and sales (Tape)


  1. Need sticky window (Order placement ) feature in dhan TV and

  2. Time and sales in dhan TV

I think these will be greatly helpful for all scalpers and intraday traders


Hi @jolly

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Most scalers on Dhan TradingView ( use instant orders - you can enable this in your settings. There is no need to order explicitly using the Order Placement window. Alternative way is to right-click on charts and trade directly on charts itself. That aside, if you click on the right side panel and trigger the Order Placement window, it stays on by itself.

We have introduced Time & Sales and Real-time VWAP on Dhan. Will check how we can bring this to the TradingView console.

Where to find live time and sales data in dhna

Hi @Abh1shekum, Welcome to Dhan community.

Live Time and Sales data is available on Mobile, for every scrip it is on the Live tab (second on the menu) under Real-Time. On web this is available on the main scrip. You will be able to view this only when the markets are open.