Stock alerts on whats up or sms

Dear dhan team

Please provide stock alerts on email or mobile message.and also on pop up on dhan trading screen.
It’s much better u can provide on what’s up alerts like sensibull provide
It usefull for trader



Hi @AKR11292, welcome to Dhan community and your feedback is noted.

I understand you are comparing a feature from another platform with Dhan. On Dhan we are building features and products that will enhance our core trading platform and make it better for our users to trade and invest.

When it comes to data & analytics platforms - choices they have to make are different, its largely about user engagement. Integrating with third party systems has operational challenges - white listing of messages, manage through-puts for delivery and so on. Also we have tried some of these as experiments - it’s additional costs and yet delivery of such services is not very reliable with free tools. As a thesis, we do avoid charging users anything more than brokerage. Hence for Price Alerts we rely only on our channels - which is notifications - which are instant and help users. We prefer to put all that time and resources in making our core platforms better.

I understand our Alerts product is very basic at this time - only price based alerts, but we do have plans to improve this in future.

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please provied dhan stock alerts to directing on stock charts if possible

Sir, I am getting trades through webhook n placing basket orders.

Thus, i request to get alerts for these trades in telegram &/or whatsapp or atleast pop up in dhan app n dhan web.

Hey, this notification should come on Dhan app and web. We will have this checked.

Thanks for your reply Sir.

Presently I am just checking without any funds.

Should I get rejected orders pop up as well?

I am not getting any notifications of order rejections.

My NOTIFICATION settings in ON.

Please guide me.

Yes, that’s the reason. If you are checking with no funds, there is no notification. In this case - order is not going to exchange as this rejection is at our end. Notifications will only come when orders status is received from exchange. Hope this helps.

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Thanks @PravinJ Sir. Is there way to practice Trailing Stop Loss before taking real Trade? What should be the Ideal Trailing Stop Loss for NIFTY ATM Option & NIFTY ITM of 300 points?