Stock Compare button missing on Dhan Web

Hi Team,

Could you please give an option to compare the stock on Dhan Web, Yes it is available on Dhan TV but not on Dhan Web. It is really helpful to compare multiple stocks in the same group. Request you to please consider the same.

Hi @nx.vijay,

Noted your suggestion, we will surely check how this can be implemented.

Hi Team, Sorry to highlighting it again. Please let me know if there is any plan on the same.


We’ll keep you updated as soon as we receive confirmation.

Hi Team, Just wanted to follow up here. Please let know if this in the plan or it will stay as it is.

@Divyesh @Poornima Requesting above feature as it is much needed. It’s a TV feature and all you need to enable it in the Dhan Web. Dhan Web is full feature packed and don’t want to switch to Dhan TV etc as I am getting everything in Dhan Web except the compare button. Request you to please get this sorted.

Hello @nx.vijay,

Our decision to include the indicators depends on multiple factors. We will undoubtedly look into the possibility of adding the requested indicator to the platform.

@sameet I am not asking for any indicator. I am just asking for compare button in Dhan Web trading viewer. Dhan TV it already has. But it’s not enabled for Dhan Web.


Noted, we will surely explore this feature to add on based on our user’s suggestion. Thanks !