Stocksemoji is now Live on Dhan

Stocksemoji is now Live on Dhan

Hello Everyone!

We’re happy to announce that Dhan and Stocksemoji have been fully integrated. Dhan users can now effortlessly take advantage of the offerings on our platform and streamline their investing process.

If you’re like most people, you probably think of emojis as those little digital icons that you can use to express yourself in texts, emails, and social media posts. But did you know that there’s a whole world of emojis out there that you can use to communicate about stocks and investing?

We truly believe that “Emotions speak louder than words” and our emoji score is based on the same belief system.
Stocks Emoji brings to you EMOJI SCORE, a simplified way of representing stock strength based on technical and fundamental parameters.

Stocksemoji offers a 7 days free trial to all the Dhan users that will help them to understand our product and simply their investment journey.

Stocksemoji is Simplifying complex financial information and intense research through easy-to-understand emoji scores and visual representation.

Our Key Products:

Supports users in Discovery, Decision, Follow-up Investing

Stock Help is a one-of-its-kind health card for a company that is designed to get an in-depth analysis of a company, be it for the long term or the short term. It calculates the health score of the company that we call the ‘Emoji Score’ based on numerous fundamental and technical factors.
Its many features include:

  1. Emoji Score for the Stock
  2. Financial Strength and Weakness in the form of statement analysis
  3. Technical Strengths and Weaknesses in the form of statement analysis
  4. Current Zone of Stock (Buy Zone, Avoid Zone, Hold Zone, Consolidation Zone)

Stock Help is also a guidance tool that suggests what actions and steps can be taken as per the current situation of stock based on the technical and fundamental analysis. It also provides alternate recommendations based on the user interest for the long or short term as compared with the currently searched stock. The suggested stock will always be in good health and can be added to your portfolio.

Moreover, Stock Help will send you regular updates and notifications on the stock’s health condition, if it is upgraded or downgraded, and guide you on how to proceed further.

Stock Optimizer

Stock Emoji brings to you Stock Optimizer – A product that helps you do a Portfolio Health check and get an optimized portfolio in 3 easy steps.

Portfolio Check
Login with Dhan and fetch your existing portfolio to get real-time analysis of the strength and weaknesses of the individual stock

Optimized Portfolio
Suggestions to sell, hold or add new stocks to your portfolio

Execute Seamlessly
Seamless execution to switch from old and new portfolio

Stock Box

In Stock Box, the stock emoji team has made ready-to-invest boxes of stocks based on themes.

The user can invest in the following stock box for
• Long term
• Short term
• Invest in the form of SIP.

The system provides regular updates to rebalance the box from time to time once the purpose of stock is served or if the stock is not performing up to expectation.

The user can add their stock box to the tracklist and can track the performance of their box and each stock individually.

The users will get regular updates of fresh entries and exits on the stocks Emoji notification center and in their Inboxes.

    **Stock Analyzer**                                                  

Knowing About the Stock, It is important to know the past present, and future plans of any company.

A few questions should be asked while analyzing a company.

a. What was the situation of the company in past?
b. What is the current situation of the company?
c. What is the future aspect of the company?
d. Position of the Company among the peers?
e. Knowing the Financial position of the Company?
f. What is the trend of profit margin and how much it is as compared to peers?
g. How much in debt the company currently is in?
h. How many assets does the company own?
i. How much is cash the company owns?

You can get the answers to all the above questions and many more just by visiting Stocks Analyser.
Stocks Analyser in is one of its kind analysis tool which is designed to make the research part easier for any investor and provide all the required and necessary data in one place.

Other Products:

|| SCANNER || - Search, Write, and access readymade Fundamentals & Technical scanners

|| TRACKLIST || - Efficiently track each and every update on your portfolio

|| WATCHLIST || - Get every update on the stocks added to the watchlist. Updates include results, Corporate action, News, Technical and fundamental changes in the stock

|| MARKET || - Get all information about the market on a single page, with market commentary, mutual data, FII/DII’s activities, and much more

|| SE BOT || - Telegram BOT helps you find all updates on your portfolio and watchlist, at your fingertips.
Telegram: Contact @stocksemoji_bot

Read about the Journey of Stocksemoji through the story of our Founder :

So what are you waiting for, go ahead and analyze, invest & track your stocks and portfolio all under one roof ( )

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