Take a guess: An Exciting New Product from Dhan, coming soon!

The way Traders in India trade on Stock Markets is set to change forever!

We usually ship super fast, this one took a while. For past 12 months few of us at Dhan are working on a secret product. It’s about to go live soon!

We’re super excited. Any guesses?


May be Options Trading Platform

That will also come soon, but this one isn’t that!

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Yes, it is. And for Dhan users only!

Thik h Product mat batayiye! Kab aagi ye to bata Dijie

when this product is going to release

tomorrow :slight_smile:

ps: I may not be serious here


Journal and Option Strategies.

Built-in Algo Trading?

We already have both - Trader’s Diary & Pre-built Strategies.

Nope, we don’t want to get into our own Algo. Traders are free to build the same with our APIs for execution.

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May be Strategy builder.

floating window for profit/loss in positions & for nifty & bank nifty

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Order flow analysis ???

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Stocks / Options recommendations

Trading software like TradeTiger?

Hey @PravinJ ,

Dhan Lite?

Welcome back @madhusudhankr, it’s been a while. Nope not strategy builder, that is coming soon.

Welcome to Dhan community @Shubham1008.

Nope floating windows are coming, but hey that his not what we will qualify as game changer!

Welcome to our community @priyask. Nope, don’t think we will ever recommend, we want to be the best execution platform.