Take Taxes off your mind. File your ITR with Cleartax!

Calculating capital gains on stock sales is a significant and time-consuming task. Additionally, filling out transaction-specific details in the ITR form can be quite time-consuming and confusing at the same time. ClearTax is delighted to announce its collaboration with Dhan.

DHAN customers will now have the convenience of importing multiple capital gains transactions from stocks and mutual funds with just a single click, enabling them to complete complex ITR filing on Cleartax within minutes and just a few steps. It allows users to effortlessly fetch 1000s of transactions which if entered manually would take a lot of time. Cleartax’s platform accurately categorizes trades based on tenure and asset type, while optimizing tax obligations through in-product suggestions.

Srivatsan Chari
Co-Founder, ClearTax


Welcome to the Dhan Community @Srivatsan_Chari :smiley:

I am sure users will be greatly benefitted by ClearTax’s features :rocket:

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Instead of tying up with third party firms for the same, please focus on correcting the pnl & tax statements. It’s the basic requirement from @Dhan_Help
Personally, I’m not comfortable disclosing my networth & income from other sources to them. Prefer, a personal CA for that


What about quicko? I am unable to download P&L and even no update from Dhan or Quicko… so disappointed and frustrated

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Thanx pasting the URL here

Also is the price 1500 Rs after discount. [ F&O ] @cleartax ?

Is it the same way we upload the statement and Cleattax calculates on this.
Request to provide high level steps here.

@Srivatsan_Chari any update on the above. Waiting for the reply. need to decide to go for Cleartax or Quicko or offline :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes after discount its Rs 1500. Use coupon code (CT_DHAN_D3) to avail the offer.

Since DHAN is integrated with Cleartax, you don’t have to upload your statement here. Please follow the below steps:
a> Login to Cleartax account
b> Go to ‘Income sources’ → Go to ‘Capital gains’ section → Search for ‘DHAN’
c> Select ‘DHAN’ & login with your credentials (user ID & password)
d> Transactions will be auto-fetched & tax liability will be calculated
e> User can continue & file their taxes

Let us know here if you have any other queries.

Team Cleartax

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You can try filing your ITR through Cleartax where DHAN is integrated & will not require uploading P&L statement separately. We at Cleartax have made the tax filing journey easy & seamless for users like you!

Do try our product. Use coupon code (CT_DHAN_D3) to avail discount by visiting the link below:

Team Cleartax

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followed the steps , this is what i see.
Tried 2 times, same error seen. Kindly fix and notify here. :raised_hands:t2:

Seeing the same issue as @pavz

Also wanted to understand from which side the issue exactly is. Dhan or ClearTax?

Please fix this issue as soon as possible @cleartax @Srivatsan_Chari @Naman @PravinJ @RahulDeshpande


@Srivatsan_Chari @cleartax I have followed the steps mentioned and uploaded the Dhan PnL through direct login. Even then I am getting error messages - saying that I need to fix errors in my Capital Gains report - on further deep dive , it shows that all the negative values in the Dhan report are shown as red and requesting me to remove. If I do so how and will the negatives get adjusted against my actual gains - this will result only in my CG showing more than what I earned. Please help and advise

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Hello could you kindly share your email address (also contact number, if provided) through which you were trying to file your returns on Cleartax. Our product/support team will check & reach out to you.

Team Cleartax!

Ok we will do , is there any update on MANUAL upload atleast ?

4 days to go , kindly give a reply which will work for everyone here.

email: tridibbis@gmail.com

The error transaction is from KFintech file not from Dhan.
The issue is in KFintech file only where purchase value and units are zero.
Please enter units as 1 to unblock.

Team Cleartax!

@cleartax Any update on this?