Tech & Infra Upgrade: Order Execution Time on Dhan is now up to 5 times faster than earlier

Dear Traders & Investors,

In our pursuit of providing incredible trading experience to our users, we are excited to share with you that we have updated our underlying infrastructure and way we process trades in our underlying systems, largely Order Management Systems. This has been in the works for a while, and we successfully tested it in mock trading over the weekend and pushed our latest upgrades to production servers effective today.

The result? To our tag-line, Lightning-Fast experience, our order execution time is now optimised to as low as 23 milliseconds (from prior 100-120 ms). This includes end-to-end time-stamp for users, from order placement to risk validation to order sent to exchanges, further order execution and confirmation of order to the end user. If you use Dhan trading platforms, you will notice this visible change and if you are directly using DhanHQ Superfast APIs for trade - you can also measure this remarkable performance.

@PravinJ also tweeted snapshot of one of our order management systems here:

This isn’t all, we will continue to invest further in upgrading our systems to ensure our trading and investing experience on Dhan is seamless. With our new and improved infrastructure, we can now execute orders at lightning-fast speeds, making sure that you never miss out on any trading opportunities. Dhan now also has many large traders who execute significantly high volumes of trades on our platform, we intend to move them to dedicated order management systems in future and also continue to expand our connectivity with exchanges and add more infrastructure.

While on this topic, we want to thank you for your continued trust and support. Dhan has continued to grow at over 50% month on month for the past few months and also now has 1000+ unique API based traders who are directly consuming DhanHQ super fast APIs for their trades. DhanHQ APIs are now also consumed by over several partners in the ecosystem, including the best in industry like TradingView. We aim to ship many more capabilities for our users and also on our trading APIs.

Our goal is to provide you with the best possible trading experience, and we will continue to work tirelessly to ensure that we meet and exceed your expectations. Thank you for being a part of our community, and we look forward to providing excellent investing and trading experience.

Best Regards,
Alok, Founder & CTO - Dhan


thanks a lot ! :heart_eyes: :heart:

let’s see… we experience the changes or not in coming days & in volatile moves… thanks for such efforts of Dhan team !

Great Job. @AlokPandey, What is the industry benchmark in terms of order execution time ? Assuming 23 ms as your best case what would be the avg execution time for an order ?

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Hi @t7support how Dhan processes the orders is very different from how some of the industry peers or leaders process it.

When you place orders on Dhan, the time stamp you see is or end to end response, from initiation, rms validation, sending to exchange, execution on exchange and confirmation back to the end user sent; this earlier took about 100-120 ms on average for us which is brought down to under 30 ms. Now these are regular orders, but then there will be large orders, hedged orders, icebergs, and so on… where the response will be bit higher. And then there are just updates like order modifications, when you will see are even more faster… the video captures one at 6 ms.

What we noticed on other platforms is, they take an order from clients and send response to end user along with order id, and rms validation is done later… post success of rms validation it is sent to exchange. Rms validation error, is thrown back to the user else send to exchange for execution. What we been told by some users who are APIs users is typical response times here are 100ms.

Net net, Dhan response times now are optimised to under 30 ms for end to end response. As @AlokPandey mentioned, we have 1000+ unique API only traders… what they love about Dhan APIs (now beyond execution speed is) when Dhan gives RMS validated order id to them, its success rates on exchange for execution is 100%. v/s that on other platforms is usually 70-80% - unless one really knows all rms validations in and out.

Also other thing about Dhan is, if or any reasons (say large order is in queue ahead) the execution is delayed - then our APIs will not accept new orders momentarily in that queue before they are re-routed to another OMS. Most platforms, usually will give users the order ID and send the order in queue and eventually it will get processed.

I hope I did my best to explain this, its not that simpler and lots of nuances underneath these complex systems.

ps: don’t take my word for other platforms comments… i speak from the feedback we have from users, not my first hand experience. I would always say, please execute your trades with a broking platforms where you see your comfort.


Hello @PravinJ @AlokPandey , I appreciate your faster than response time on order execution but i have encountered today the biggest blunder of your platform … Was it a backend or frontend - only your engineer knows!!!

My order was placed on 14:54 & executed → BUT FOR 2MINS IT DIDN"T REFLECTED ON WEB & MOBILE APP → This invisibility on frontend rendered me helpless from exiting my position… My position was exited at 14:57 after gap of 3mins when order was reflecting & i was able to exit!!!

Improvise your frontend portal too which is marred by too much information which even your system may be getting confused on what to show!!!

hi @lalitjr, that doesn’t happen unless there is an internet connectivity issue. Our frontend systems are multiple - web, app, options trader, tradingview and… orders can be seen on any of them. Suggest connecting with our team on, we will check order logs for this.

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I have seen several times that when an order is executed it doesn’t get updated on the front end of mobile app or web unless the page is refreshed. This is not an internet connection issue as am on leased lines with redundancy. @PravinJ pls look into this.

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Hi @t7support, do let us know which screens / instance you noticed this. We are changing lots on underlying infra as well as front end systems to scale up as our trades increase.

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Postions tab where new order should reflect when it is executed. Sometimes it does sometimes it does not and a page refresh is required on web and a scroll down in mobile app (to display the bull refresh action).

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@PravinJ @AlokPandey ,

I’ve seen many times Currency Options chart doesn’t load the LTP at the sharp first tick (9AM), however updated bid/ask can be seen in the DOM. Today, the delay was almost 2min. I can upload the video recording next time, but at the same time, I would expect Dhan Tech team should be able to investigate such issues on their own as well.

If you can look into this, overall trust in Dhan platform will be robust.

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@t7support I think you are referring this issue

Nope. I am talking about the position tab where live positions are shown. There once orders are executed it should get reflected. But it doesn’t sometimes unless we do a page refresh.

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I think @Dhan Team just update whatever they wish, Instead of priorities given/Issues faced by users.

Are you aware that web dhan P&L do not get updated live until you force refresh?

Also PnL on chart do not get updated as the price moves?

The money matters should be Resolved on FIRST priority.

But Alas! I have to tell this.

This too I have seen sometimes. Even today morning had the issue.

@Dhan_Help @PravinJ pls fix ASAP.

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Hi @t7support,

We tried calling you however we were unable to establish contact with you. Request you to help us with your convenient time to get in touch with you.

Hi @RajeshK,

Can you please share your details over DM so we can connect with you.

You can call me now.

I will share, But do you mean to say that this is not a known issue on Dhan and it is only me who is facing this issue?

@Poornima here is another thread where similar issues have been posted. This needs an urgent fix pls.

I will also try to share a video here today although the video shared in the thread above by another user is revealing enough.