Tech & Infra Upgrade: Order Execution Time on Dhan is now up to 5 times faster than earlier

@Poornima here you go. Banknfity order was fired from tradingview via webhook. But on mobile app until I refreshed the position tab the BankNifty open position is not shown.

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Hi @t7support

We have tried reaching you on call but were unable to connect. Please help us with your convenient time today for a video meet in a live market to address this.

@Poornima here is another video. This time from Dhan web. Here I fired orders using Dhan API. You can see the order alert popups on the right bottom side. But again these are not reflected in the live position space until I refresh.

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Oops sorry…I missed your call. You can call me after market if that is ok with you. I have shared the videos for your reference here.

Hi @t7support

As discussed, we are working on this with our team and keep you posted soon

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Thanks @Divyesh for the update.

Hi @t7support,

We have optimize this scenario from our end, request if you can try & check now. If still facing any difficulty, do let us know.

@Sameet no change. Still the same issue is there.

Hi @t7support

Thankyou for confirmation, we are reviewing this and will keep you posted.

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Hi @t7support

Request you to check now as this scenario has been updated from our end.

Thanks. Did a test firing on Dhan web. It is working now on web.

Did u guys apply the fix on mobile app also ? I had to refresh like before to see the new positions. So there the bug is still there.

Hi @t7support,

Thanks for the confirmation. For application, it will be released in the next build of v1.0.41 which is in this week.


it was running superb when u guyz announced the Tech & infra upgrade but from last 2 days i have experienced some lag /freeze in instant order placements. yesterday right at the 3pm when MSCI rebalancing happened for 1-2 minutes Dhan servers stopped working , web pages didn’t respond and loading problem was there… moreover order execution was late around that time…

today also, i faced multiple time(3-4 times) lagging or freezing in instant order execution… button shows 3 dots of processing for 30-50 seconds and later on with different changed price it executes the orders (as we are pressing buy or sell button and it freezes, we can’t even cancel as it’s market instant orders so plz understand the concern… scalpers hurt a lot due to this freezes/lag)

after some or some multiple time refresh… orders were getting executed too but we can’t be sure when our orders won’t executed on time & when not… hope u understand the concern & dig dip into the Problem and glitches.

i myself have experienced improvement since last few weeks but from last 2 days honestly shared what i have experienced…

@PravinJ @Sameet @Poornima @Naman

In addition to above problem , while scalping quickly through instant orders
jo position already banayi huyi ho usme se half or some position exit karne pe chart me jo position show hoti hai vaha reflection bhi immediately nhi aati / update nhi hoti… ya to refresh karna padta hai ya to new execution ho tab correct chiz show karti hai…

proof (ye to sirf 1-2 bar capture kar paye aaj live positions k chalte)

observe BUY SELL BUTTON in 1st chart (sell button freezed for 30-50 seconds)

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Hi @Varsha777,

This could be an intermittent connectivity issue, however we will review this further.

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Updated App. Now the orders are getting updated in mobile app without refreshing. Thanks.

Yes, thanks for confirmation.

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Hello @Sameet @PravinJ

today also i faced 3-5 times problem while using instant orders in tv.dhan.
The BUY SELL button shows processing & freezes with 3 dots nd orders execute late , it gets executed after 40-55 seconds obviously with a different price then my desired time (when i pressed Buy or sell… scalping with higher lots , these type of things hurt a lot…

Can u guyz plz dig into the problem and resolve as soon as possible ???

today also i have managed to take a screenshot of few incidents. everytime i can’t take screenshot and produce as a proof. i quickly need to enter on the other side (CE to PE , PE to CE for quick scalping) and this lagging & freezing hurts me in exiting the current position with my accurate price and entering the other side in time…

yeahh i also want to mention that overall orders were getting executed but problem is we can’t be sure when our orders were executed on time & when it feezes like this :frowning: and execute at totally different prices…

see the proof…

(observe the Buy sell button 3 dots of freezing or lagging - it’s instant order placement enabled > Time around = 12:52 PM )

(observe the Buy sell button 3 dots of freezing or lagging - it’s instant order placement enabled > Time around = 01:19 PM )

(observe the Buy sell button 3 dots of freezing or lagging - it’s instant order placement enabled > Time around = 01:34 PM )

above screenshots are just few live examples of this problem.

plz understand the problem / concern, it’s impact on us…
and i really request plz accept the flow and work on that , not by just words, but do update in better better way and resolve such core things.