The Reason why Dhan's TradingView + sign should be fixed!

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This is such a crucial bug! I really don’t know what’s stopping the team from fixing this. I understand it must be difficult to implement on TradingView’s library but must not be impossible. The reason I chose Dhan TV is just for this feature as it helps to set the limit price according to price action and take a quick momentum trade without the manual work.

This is a super trader’s tool and shouldn’t have any kind of glitch. Without this tool, using TradingView to trade would be totally useless for me or other scalpers as charting can be done from OG TV too.

I am sharing an example with you to explain the critical problem of this bug here.

Situation: Trading Reliance’s Futures crucial support level.

Suppose I am tracking the crucial support of Reliance Futures and place a limit order using the + sign below the support just before the support breakdown. Despite NORMAL being selected you can clearly see that it switches the order type and places an order as INTRADAY if I press ENTER key after confirming the limit price using the + sign.

Screen Recording 2022-07-03 at 4.25.21 PM

A fast trader would really not focus on the NRML/MIS section as he/she will have confirmed the order type in mind and will focus on the price action.

This can be a trade just before the auto square off time and in case of options it could be a really nice price to sell and carry forward but this glitch removes the possibility.

Please try to fix this issue! Someone who is new to the platform will really not understand how his/her NORMAL order got placed and executed as INTRADAY.

I really don’t know how traders are using the + sign but this glitch creates an unnecessary stress in my mind and reduces confidence due to fear of missing out on changing the order type after every limit price set using the + sign.

It can look like a nominal glitch or a manageable task but for a trader’s psychology, this thing creates panic in mind during a live trade.

Sorry for the long post but I have been trying to communicate this from many previous posts and this bug is not being treated critically.


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The + sign is a core feature of Trading View library for directly trading on charts. I don’t think this can be changed at our end, it simply indicates taking a new position.

Our most users who are on TradingView know the process well - once you do select, confirm window will show by default as Intraday order. If a user wants to change it - he or she has option to change before placing the order. Same applies for Dhan web & mobile platforms.

Without this, the only option will be taking a pop-up confirmation before placing trades, which takes up additional 3-5 seconds… and beats the purpose of fast trading via charts.

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not at all convenient… we must have default option for Normal orders sir !! we give full margin for option buying & if we want to carry forward for any reasons or want to use OCO we need to remember it that currently it is intraday & another is normal, so plz give users a power anyhow to select default Product type to normal or intraday ! really need this… (Margin calculation & default order type - These two things stop me & many other traders to make Dhan as their Primary Trading & investing account) , hope u understand the concern & emotions & wishes completely.

We acknowledge all the feedback we get and also figure out on the implementations. We always continue to make our platforms better and trader friendly. At times there are limitations, in this case cause it is a TradingView library and has it limitations.