Think on simplysity


Dear Pravinji,

I recently read most of topics on dhan community. I knows you all guys are doing well, I appreciate you developing seperate application for option trader. but apart that most users having real time data feed issue with all dhan app as well web. This issue very serious for all traders. Humbly I request you to please make it simple not complicated.

Thank You.

Hi @nmw

Thank you for your note. At Dhan we operate super transparently, this community is built for that - interactions with users, getting to know what they want us to build / improve and its extremely rare that we ever delete any post from here no matter how harsh - except for abusive language, personal information or spam. We acknowledge all feedback & suggestions that we get from our users and take that into consideration while we build products & features.

There are thousands of traders who trade on Dhan everyday, and if you have read most common issue that has been reported here and we have acknowledged and are addressing is: chart load times for higher time period of few scrips is bit longer than expected. The data on dhan is always real-time, but in instances where chart load times are higher there seems to lag in data or web sockets possibly disconnect. Other concern being old intraday trading data is missing.

We are working on both - rebuilding our tech to ensure charts load super-fast + getting old data from exchanges (since we started in Aug 2021) and backfilling them on charts. Our team is already on this.

If we get exact concerns or feedback, it is much easier for us to understand and solve for it. That aside, message and discussions with our users, always help us get direct feedback and many of our users are kind enough to get on calls with our teams and engage with them. Dhan continues to get better everyday because of this.