THIS IS BIG: PhonePe launches Share.Market - The foray of big corporations into the broking industry

Walmart-backed digital payments firm PhonePe forayed into the stock broking sector on Wednesday, unveiling the “Share.Market” app. **The app will allow users to engage in trading and investments encompassing stocks, mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) - India Today


Oh this was long time pending.
And Crypto Major Coinswtich also planning

What is Coinswitch? I have never heard of this name before today.

India based Crypto trading app, but currently they arent doing good , so seems planning to foray into DALAL street :grinning:

Yes, this will increase awareness for share markets. PhonePe has massive distribution.

Cool in case you didn’t know… Founders of PhonePe are investors with us :slight_smile:


i used it today and found it faster than many other apps .
big corporate coming with advance tech .

Is F&O , Currency available ?

I just installed and explored the app.

It has one-time onboarding fee of Rs. 199 + It says “No A/c maintenance charges for 1st year”.

(Seems 2nd year onwards they will charge)

Depends on order volume and traffic. May not be much now since it is new and offering only equity trading and investing along with ETF and MF.

Mirae Asset is also an investor right who also have their own platform MSTOCK.

Kunal Shah is an investor right whose venture CRED has investment from top broker CEO

When an investor prays, he will now pray for all brokers to do well :slightly_smiling_face:

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