This is very annoying. Please fix it ASAP

I have multiple tabs opened of Dhan web on my browser for trading purposes. The problem is if I stay on one tab for long enough and switch to another tab, the prices start running lightning fast🤣(sorry no pun intended). Actually, it loads all the previous prices which I didn’t see. This is absolutely useless and time waste and very annoying. Please fix it ASAP.


@admins anyone please reply

Hi @Akhil153045,

While we are getting this checked, request you the share the browser details at

I am using Mozilla Firefox

Hi @Akhil153045,

Thanks for highlighting. Our team has identified your case and the same will be fixed by end of December.

In the meantime, we request you to use another browser.

The same issue is observed on Safari as well.

Exactly, even i faced this issue in firefox browser while opening multiple tabs of Dhan website.

+1 same with Optionstrader app.

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Hi @Gangavarapu,

We have checked and found option trader app to be working fine.

Request you to drop an email at with the screen recording video so we can have this checked on your specific scenario. Also, please mention your community details on email.

I have highlighted the same issue to them and they reverted as system issue…So if there is a system issue tell us what configuration system should we use to trade on Dhan…Also this issue is not new for Dhan it has been reported by many users now…Check the topic of freezing tabs, when your tabs get frozen this type of price movement can be seen.

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Hi Shamila,

Welcome to Dhan Community!

As per our video meet, seems this was specific to the device configuration. For now, you may use Dhan app / Option trader app.

We will continue to optimize our platforms for all systems.

Hi Poornima, If the issue is in relation with specific device configuration, that device is working fine with Fyers and Sharekhan. How come only in Dhan it is throwing issue. Also if you say about configuration let me know what configuration device i should use. Because my Laptop has no issue working with Trade tiger terminal as well as with reflecting price from Tradingview.

I would like to see what device configuration you would recommend for dhan traders

Yes same Issue I am also facing
I made a complain regarding this twice

Yeah even i noticed this behaviour of the web app. And sometimes you miss the trade.

Hi all - we will see what we can do to solve this. We have observed multiple brokers go down even when there is a glitch is one component - the entire platform goes down. Dhan is built it a way that all individual systems work independent of each other - the reason is that our systems should never go down.

Some of the values you see on Dhan on dashboards that change, they are calculated on the fly for faster response times + built in a way that they continue to run as much as possible without much dependency on others. Noted your feedback, we will explore how we can manage this.

i made a screen recording of this error - i have tried switching to Dhan Tab after 15 mins -
and its loading all the previous charts in ONE GO & the charts are fluctuating in a RAMPAGE mode.

unfortunately due to this kind of fluctuated charting i lost multiple opportunities & had loss on my positions as i am unable to close the positions on this fluctuated chart.

Hence i am shifting my base again back to Fyers. not trying to discourage you guys. i know dhan listens to its users & improves much better & faster than its peers :raised_hands:t2:
but as long as this issue stays unresolved, i guess i’ll trade with other platforms for the time being.

Please try fixing this ASAP. i would want to trade with dhan once this gets resolved.
is there any way to attach you the screen recording of this error over here?
@Poornima @Naman @PravinJ

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Hi @kckittu
Before switching back to another broker, do try with “Brave” browser. It will work fast.
End day make clear cache and reset browser with “Control+ Shift +R” i.e do Hard Reset.
Above things will solve your problems.

Can you forward that to us on, of if it’s shared with our customer service team I will take it from there and review.


Have highlighted the same earlier

Hi @Redd @Gangavarapu

We are aware of this scenario for a few browsers and our team is continuously optimizing for it. This should be done in next 2-4 weeks. In the meantime, we recommend to use Chrome or Brave.

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