[Thoughts on MTF ] Margin Trading Funding

HI @PravinJ , thinking on the lines of MTF

Can something like this be done

Suppose there is a need among DHAN clients for positions that are stuck and need to hedge to at least come out with least loss .

There might be few clients with huge capital , which is lying but they arent trading on that day / week , with their consent can that amount be covered to the client needed with a fee ( minus DHAN commission / Free trades equivalent to 0.5% or something)

And indicate β†’
how many days client willing to fund?
how much amount client willing to fund?

Hi @pavz

Went through this, unfortunately this isn’t permitted by regulations. Norms for any kind of financing with respect to securities - for margin financing or even for lending against securities are very very strict, no room for any deviations.


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