To many lags in tradingview

To many lags in

  1. Page takes lots of time to just load
    2.Cursor is at stand still position, even after trying in move the chart up down left right
  2. even after clicking B the order page takes so much time that sometimes feel that trade is gone
  3. after facing all this, even on pressing exiting a trade, it takes so much time and makes sure to exit when the rate is lowest

I messaged on this community earlier but none replied, feeling super frustrated


Hi @SASA, Apologies, we usually respond to all messages across platforms. Just this week we were swamped with messages and might have missed this one.

TradingView on Dhan ( works very smoothly, request you to try to do a hard refresh on browser and check. In case you continue to face lags, please write to our team on and we will have one our team members connect over video call with screen-sharing to understand this in detail.

I notice the same issue.
I fixed it by turning off auto save option , its uploading lots of data every second.

Kindly look into the issue team dhan

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That’s really something I can’t wait to try, thanks buddy!

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