Today again profit converted to loss

@PravinJ @Dhan now see there are multiple users facing this issue and not for single time its for multiple times so you need to really think about it. I also suggested pin for Indexes which is provided by every broker but you answers me there are many users with smaller screen size and etc. I expected different answer from you but you replied with completely illogical answer. I think you just need to focus on core things first like this instaed of fancy things like multiple tabs and all.

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customer care suggested me to log out/log in and reconnect wifi. till that profit will be wiped off. LOL dhan. Dhan is good for long term investment only. i Faced this issue 3 times in march. their server is not capable to handle big volume during volatility. @Amol


@oldbuoy Mr Pravin cant do anything about as Dhan server is not capable to handle huge volume during volatility. Use dhan only for long term investment not for trading.

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Dhan can be used for investments but they have only chosen that they will serve the trader community !!!
Now, if thats what they have the target market, they need to stop all non-core activities and development and put all their focus on improving the performance.

Our comments might hurt you …please ensure that customers should not get hurt…i once had an account with profit Mart,i got hurt by their service and now I am in dhan…i don’t want to explore other opportunities…pls don’t make us

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Hello all - we have always take all feedback positively and worked on it, and we feel thats the reason we are scaling up with number of traders going up on Dhan. We understand that trading systems need to be up at all times. We use multiple order management systems and orders are always sent to exchanges as they are placed. In this particular scenario, an extremely large order was placed and as a result on that particular system orders were in queue, and once queue was cleared the orders in that queue went through automatically.

This is an exception scenario of very large order, and not a norm. As a stock trading platform, we never want to go down - even in this scenario while we didn’t go down but resulted in queue on one of systems. Yes, we are scaling up things, and in this situation it is not only about deploying additional virtual servers on cloud, but also getting physical servers and connectivity with exchanges in place - we are already doing that.


Further update on this: 31 March '23

Y’day we made some changes on how we handle large orders quantities. We replicated this scenario once again today while markets are live - everything worked seamlessly. That aside, we are already in process of adding more underlying infrastructure and increase capacity to handle such scenarios even if they are exceptions.

Over period of time, we will move traders placing large quantities to a dedicated order management systems and infrastructure to ensure such events do not happen. This may be a costlier solution, but it’s important for us to ensure we run our systems seamlessly for all our users.


Good to hear… expecting better performance in coming days

@PravinJ - Excellent decision regarding a separate order management system for big quantity players. This will significantly help small players. Keep it up!

Thanks @PravinJ and Team Dhan for working towards enhanced order execution speed and reliability.

Mai toh pehle se he bol raha tha orders lag hoti I am using dhan for more than year now and mostly when i used dhan i avoid placing market orders because of execution delays its good on mobile app but if you are placing order directly from tv chart it lags as per my observation

finally you accepted your server is not capable to handle large volume. Good. pls stop your customer care chat guys to give non-sense reply(re-login dhan, restart pc, re-connect wifi) for such issues.

Dear Traders - If you trading with a tight price range or intend to scalp; then suggest this platform isn’t ready yet to support and has problems in executing market orders at the price that you see on charts. If you place the market order, and if you go ‘long’, you are assured to get the highest of BUY price and the lowest of the SELL, vice-versa if you shorting. I have been using this platform for more than a year now and like Rajuvala mentioned; it is even more frustrating to engage with customer support reps and the answers that are so ill-equipped. So I have just stopped calling to save sanity !!

@PravinJ - Let me add my 2 cents to explain what i still see as problem since this topic is live on the community; beyond that I don’t expect much and i am sure you well understand your platform and how far you are willing to support / upgrade to help customer is entirely your choice.
Agree that market order is subjected to the dynamic price when the request is placed; but can you explain why is the order placement so delayed that it invariably gets the worst price possible? in some cases they are significantly away - so basically you are trading blind and hoping for the price.
I am talking Indices here, so I am sure there is no question on liquidity or spread issues here.
Is that because of the order processing isn’t fast enough at your server or …?
How is that on other platform the price is almost equal to what you see when you punch in the order and you get delivered the same as well !! - I have tried many different ways to test this … placing the order simultaneously on Dhan and other platforms precisely for this - prices are significantly apart, especially during heavy load time segments. Expiry; well many here have already mentioned enough. And, Please, do not suggest internet connection speed or PC problem etc (standard set of answers that we hear from your customer service Reps).

Moreover, what was more intriguing and got me also curious as to how are some of the 3rd party providers (like i4options) claiming that opening account though them the DHAN order will be placed faster? - It proves 2 things (a) that everyone is well aware of the order related problem on DHAN and (b) I do not know enough, but why that luxury isn’t here for your direct clients?
Have attached an old snapshots of the order placement and the Price assignment. The glaring disparity is what i keep seeing still and any traders will not be comfortable seeing such slippages to trade on a platform. I really do hope you have some solutions to improve upon as your client base keeps increasing.

hi @Sunitha - So let me explain other way. This topic is live, because unlike other forums we do not delete or moderate this community.

Being very frank, the problem I feel now we have here is we are super transparent and and we rarely delete or moderate any posts or hide or remove them unlike some of large platforms. We have noticed instances where these posts are used to create an image that Dhan is unstable or slow.

Today on Dhan we had 80,000+ users and if the situation with execution was bad - it would have been all over social media, community, customer service and all channels. There are 50,000+ users connecting us directly via TradingView which we recently announced. We are investing as much as possible in ensuring we support this scale.

We recently demonstrated our new upgrades, our order execution end to end takes in less than 25 ms, and order updates as less as 6 ms - it is faster than our own systems in last month. As far as large orders goes - we have had traders doing trading 50,000+ lots on index options holding in a single position. Iceberg with auto-slicing upto 100 legs - possibly is industry benchmark.

Any of our users can verify any of their trades independently for execution directly with exchange:

We care a lot personally to ensure that every user of ours should have a seamless experience and address every query. Perhaps we have do more to communicate and do that better.

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Missed one part, I am not sure about i4options. Maybe the said platform would have independently user our APIs and build add around that - it isn’t listed among partners mentioned here:

If anyone is using our APIs, they will easily know of speed of execution. I had explained a bit here:


Still web and app hanged on right time when volatility starts after SBI results came


@PravinJ @AlokPandey as @Amol noted Dhan web and app got stuck around the time SBI results came. Please fix.

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Yes, spike in traffic was caused due to auto-notification that went from the news-service on Dhan. It was autocorrected in a minute with more instances…Transaction services continued to be normal.

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But app and web were stuck. I had placed an order around that time. Couldn’t see the status for 1-2 minutes. Refreshing didn’t help.

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I also experienced same issue the tv and both apps hanged between 13:30 to 14:30 multiple times and I could not close the open positions and resulted in 6K loss. I had to restart the apps / browser to close the positions. Please focus on reliability of apps along with speed.
Highly disappointed!
I have already sent email to