Total Number of Dhan Users

Can you share Dhan’s month on month user addition data just like upcoming features every month? Interested to know how much Dhan is growing month on month. @PravinJ

Hi @gegobyte

Some of the data is available publicly on this in bits and pieces - as users and so on. However, we are operate as a private company and do not share this actively.

We are not in a race to open accounts for sake of it. We prefer to grow a lot organically and via word of mouth of users who love using Dhan. That’s our primary channel.

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There is a zerodha tradingqna thread that posts active client list of stock brokers every month - Who are the largest brokerage firms in India? - General - Trading Q&A by Zerodha - All your queries on trading and markets answered (

Dhan is currently at 44. If Dhan keeps going the way it is, am sure it will be among the top brokers shortly.

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Hi @t7support the # of users is a gimmicky metric if you ask me personally. It’s easy to spend money and acquire users. We have enough funds in the bank to do this and be in top 10 in next 6 months… but that’s not the point.

We are happy to be growing slowly, by word of mouth from users who truly like our product and Dhan experience. We just started 9 months back, so just getting started :slight_smile:


Yes right way to go in my opinion too.

Btw the monthly data shown is based on NSE data -

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