Total PnL Alert

Sir @PravinJ multiple position लेने के बाद Total PnL predefined वैल्यू जैसे 5000rs तक पहुँचने के बाद ALERT का feature दे दीजिए दीजिए जैसे heavy loss पे alert का feature available हैं…

Hi @Skr ,

We have noted your suggestion and we will surely explore if we can bring it.

Any update on P&L alerts yet??

Hi @paekut, for now on Dhan you can set up P&L Alert for losses on Trader’s Controls. More on that here: Now Live: Now Trade Better on Dhan with Trader's Controls

Actually I am talking about PnL of a multi-legged position like Iron Condor. Currently I have to use Sensibull to get those alerts - if profit in the position touches 50K / 100K etc. - in order to trail profits. I am not sure if that exists in Dhan?

Nope this doesn’t exist on Dhan. Also it is not possible to build this, as we have to actually build it on exchange systems, unlike the platforms that only show them at a data level.

Yes, at least at data level would help too. Even automatic square off of such multi-legged position would be helpful based on trailing SL.

I wish this was possible, exchange systems keep on averaging positions when same scrips are traded multiple times, v/s on data systems or platforms they just tag trades. That makes us impossible to build this, yes purpose gets served on platforms like Sensibull. We would be happy to integrate with them, our APIs are available - unfortunately we don’t figure out in their priorities.

Yeah but I as a user am not trading on exchange. I trust my broker to solve and add value for me, [which is what a broker was supposed to do in the first place?]

Also, as Dhan I know you are solving for option traders, you even have a separate app for that. So not sure if you want your user to go pay for an extra product which pulls him out of Dhan just for a small thing like alerts, when Dhan could go one extra mile with auto-squareoff.

If I were a Product Manager and this thing would delight a bulk of my users, I would figure out a way to achieve this from an engineering standpoint you know :smile: