Trade in multiple account

I am starting this topic on behalf of my family & friends who don’t know much about trading but willing to put money in stock market. This is where I come in . I manage their accounts both in zerodha & finvasia since not everyone feels comfortable with the both one. To serve this purpose, I use auto-trader web platform (AutoTrader Web Login).
This platform serves two purposes-

  1. I get to trade in my relatives’ accounts.
  2. I don’t have any control over their account neither I get to see any of their trading cum demat account details other than login id & password. Understandably that makes everyone comfortable.
    (In terms of data sharing, auto-trader just act like UPI. You know that much you need to know)

But problem is that wouldn’t serve the purpose if I trade from trading-view chart using dhan account. Even Trinkerr is offering same service for all the brokers who has smallcase integration that including dhan platform (I have not actually tested it yet. So, if the info is wrong, I apologize in advance)

So, my request is to enable us to trade in multiple account from dhan platform especially dhan trading-view chart given trader has authorization from the other account holders in whom he/she is placing the orders.
Thank you.
(P.S- I just opened my dhan account half an hour ago.)