Trader Dairy - Incorrect Visualization

Thanks for Trader Dairy, I noticed a bug that needs to be addressed.

Recently I sold few stocks from my portfolio that I had been holding for a while and bought few stocks through delivery to hold in my portfolio.

The next day when I wanted to visualise the gain I made through selling of stocks from my portfolio, I noticed that the stocks I bought for had been clubbed with the Stocks I sold and only could see the consolidated transaction that was made for the particular day, which is incorrect and doesn’t serve the purpose of dairy.

Kindly address this issue

Hi @Vignesh_N, did you but the same stocks or different ones? Will take a look at this. Request you to drop a note of your details with @Dhan_Help on

Hi @Vignesh_N please share your UCC over DM so that I can check it.

Just to add up incase this had been your case. Assume you hold 100 shares of ABC purchased at Rs. 50
Now the price of ABC is Rs. 60 and you sold all 100 shares. By the end of the day, the price is Rs. 40 and you bought them back. In this case, the holding value of the shares will not change and the Traders Diary will log a profit of Rs. 2000 (Intraday Profit / Speculation Gain). This is contrary to the belief that first the stock bought for Rs. 50 will be sold at Rs. 60 and then new holding will be booked at Rs. 40.

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