Trader Diary few suggestions

I really appreciate the concept of trader diary :star_struck: but can this features be enhanced with the few more option, few suggestions below:

1.Option to download Trader diary in excel format.

2.Introducing some Insight from the trades taken, like accuracy from the p&l, average
trade duration, average points captured during trades, Planned & achieved Risk &
rewards ratio, Max profit/loss booked, No of trades taken per week/Month etc.

3.Option to add the journal update on the charts, so when its enabled on the chart it
shows the Insight of Notes in the chart so that one can know what was the learning
on the particular trade / option to attach screenshot to the trades.

4.A small thing like segregating the trade transactions in blocks (1 block= Entry & Exit
of the trade) eg: 4 block means Set of 8 buy/sell transactions.

5.Dynamically Increasing the comment box size inside notes, so that it increases


Hi @DevT,

Thanks for the feedback! We have noted this and will surely ponder on all the suggestions. Thank you again, for your detailed feedback and suggestions, we will surely notify you once we plan on releasing them.

डायरीत मराठीत (देवनागरी लिपीत) लिहिता येत नाही.
symbols, punctuation marks वापरता येत नाही.
खालच्या ओळीत लिहिण्यासाठी ENTER वापरता येत नाही.

Noted your feedback on bringing the देवनागरी script & symbols.

We are looking at enabling the enter button function. Will let you know once its done.