Trader diary not showing transaction - Resolved!


When I want to view trader diary on mobile device it’s not showing any transaction details but the same can be viewed via web portal.

Please fix this.

Hi @DevT

Welcome to the Dhan community.

  • This feature will unlock after 25 exchange transactions, We see only 4 transactions are done now.

For more details, you can refer to this:- Introducing: Trader's Diary on Dhan

Hi @Divyesh

This feature is not working even after 25 exchange transactions. For example, I have done 30 exchange transactions so far this month in Options but still the feature is disabled. Please find below image for your reference.

Is it usually delayed or happened only today?

You are correct, I completed my 25+ trades yesterday. If it takes a day more time it is absolutely fine. Thank you!

is there any specific way to see how many exchange transactions i have made yet ?

Hi @SunnytHeTrader

Simply you can check your total number of trades in the personal statistics section