Traders Dairy =Traders Delight

Dear Team,

Traders Dairy is an Absolute Delight. :heart_eyes:

Kindly Keep up the Good work!:hugs:

Request You to Kindly Considers Showing Net Realised instead of Realised Profit as the Default.

Appending a few SS :pray:

@PravinJ @Poornima Pls rollout Traders.dairy to Option Trader app as well.
Thank You.

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Hi @Gangavarapu,

Thanks for the feedback. it’s a valid suggestion and created a note of the same. We are planning something along similar lines. Also, Trader’s diary is available in the options trading app do check and let us know. Hope you continue to enjoy your investing & trading experience on Dhan!

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Hi Kiran,

Can you please also display buy price and sell price in Trade Dairy so how the P&L is calculated can be varified. Though it may be correct, but difficult to understand without buy and sell price.