Trader's diary issues

  1. Why is the daily view not in the weekly format? Because of this I cannot visually identify the expiry days. I have to make a guess seeing when there were zero trading days.
  2. When my net P/L is in red, why does the status show profit? It should not be based on overall P/L but be based on money coming in hand (Net P/L).

Hi @LotOfOptions

  1. If you want to see the weekly format right now, you can select the custom dates a week and check the P&L.

  2. Red indicates a loss for that day/month, and also we have shown both P&L in the trader’s diary Net and Overall

For more clarification kindly do connect with us at our support

Since you couldn’t comprehend the issue, I am putting it in visual format so that it helps you.

March should be in loss and not in profit as shown below

Below style clearly shows the day of the week with the week starting with Sunday.


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As discussed on call regarding Trade’s diary has been addressed.

Also, request you to read more on this