Trading View - Option Chain overlapping Buy/Sell window

I am new to Dhan. When I trade with other brokers, I usually place orders from the option chain. Though we have this feature on, it is causing some inconvenience to place orders from option chain. On clicking either Buy/Sell buttons on option chain, the order placement window opens, but it is opening behind the option chain and is not visible. In real-time, it will be difficult to move the windows to get it front. Order placement window should come to front. Please check and fix this issue.

Follow the setting
After buying window open Click to three dot it will open small menu Just click to Dock to Right

after you will not face Overlap order window

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Thank you for the reply. I usually like to keep the option chain in the center of the window when opened and also enable option Greeks. To avoid scrolling to see Greeks, I maximized the option chain. This actually overlaps the order window even if it is docked (image 1 below). So, I am just suggesting the Dhan team to make the order window as floating window when undocked, for example image 2 below.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Note: It is just a request/suggestion to Dhan team, would be great if they can fix this. Else, no issues, I will manage by not maximizing the option chain. :slight_smile:

Thank you @OptionTrader for the assistance :slight_smile:

And welcome to Dhan community @ravi_krishna :wave:

Thank you, Pravin :slight_smile:

Invoking option chain and greeks explained here.

@PravinJ can you add POP in option chain - this will usefull for me as option trader -

@PravinJ Adding ITM (In the Money probability) for all Call & Put strikes in option chain would also be very helpful.