Trading View - Script Name Sorting, Move script between watchlists

Hi Team,

I would request you to add 2 new features in trading view chart platform which is normally available in free trading view web site also.

  1. I am not able to sort the script name in watchlists. It might be a very small feature, but this is really useful when I have more than 200 names in watchlist and i would like to track my analysis by EOD. Suppose today I completed analysis till stock names with H. Tomorrow I can start from “I”. etc…This sorting feature is available in trading view free subscription also.

  2. In trading view free subscription, I can right click on any script name and move it between watchlists. This is really very helpful feature. Would you please try to add this feature.

  3. Along with that it would be really helpful if you can at lease have one color marking feature like Red list in trading view free subscription.

I am really used to with the above features in trading view free subscription. It would be really helpful, if you can have this features in trading view portal trough Dhan app.