Trailing SL orders in options not working

When I place Trailing SL orders for open positions from dhan options trader app, they are getting translated to Limit orders after a min or two. To be precise when cmp is changing, it is translated to limit order.


LTTS - 3400 Jan CE - Avg price is 65
Cmp is 66
Trailing SL order placed as below

Limit price - 78

Trigger price - 82 (it expects only value greater than limit price)

Trailing jump - 2

After a min or two it got converted to limit pending order of target 80.

My expectation is that when the price reaches from 66 to 82, the stop loss should kick in at 78 and for every 2 rupees jump in cmp, the stop loss should get incremented by 2.

That is when cmp moves from 82 to 84, SL should be moved from 78 to 80.

But the order itself is not being accepted aa it is auto converting to normal limit order.

Just wondering is this issue with options trader app or an issue in the workflow.


Hi @aniltrader Welcome to Dhan community. Trailing SL is very actively used on Dhan by Option Traders. SL will kick in based on the trigger you have set and execution happens based on the liquidity / order-flow on exchanges. Exit orders on TSL are limit orders - and we plan to introduce Market Orders (with Limit Protection as per exchange guidelines).

We don’t have access to your personal trades, request you to drop a line on for customer service team @Dhan_Help check this for your account.

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I think you did not understand the working on TSL on Dhan properly.
LTTS - 3400 Jan CE - Avg price is 65
Cmp is 66
Trailing SL order placed as below

Your TSL works like this case as per my understanding:
Avg price: 65

You set the trigger price like 45
on which the order is activated and sent to exchange to execute.

and limit price: 44
best possible price to stop your losses if the price does not move according to your expectations means the price decrease rather than increases.

Trailing jump - 2
Mean points that increase and TSL adjusted automatically.

So now if the price is 65, and after some time it moves to 67 means an increase of 2 points so according to TSL logic trigger and limit price is adjusted to 46,45 to trail your losses.

@PravinJ can explain more or correct me if I am wrong.


Sure, in addition here a video on how Trailing Stop Loss works on Dhan (for @aniltrader)

Link: What is Trailing Stop Loss🚫 | How to use Trailing Stop Loss - Trailing Stop Loss Explained | Dhan - YouTube

@PravinJ @onkar

Thanks for your quick reply.