Turnover calculation example needed. Kindly provide

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Kindly help me understand how is FUT trades Turnover calculated ? It says ABSOLUTE PROFIT for futures and ABSOLUTE PROFIT + PREMIUM in case of options.

This is how GROWW calculates

Now, this is what i see from P&L in DHAN

and the total turnover is running into crores 120 CR :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:

Unable to understand how EQ segment itself has crossed 10 cr , but i havnt even that much of trades in EQUITY

Kindly help her if anyone as an answer on this. :pray:t2:

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This is an article from 2022 last year AUG [New way of calculating option turnover]

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Brother Use Quicko that will calculate your turnover itself…

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Thnx, so in case of any audit required that’s also taken care by QUicko right

@pavz We compute Turnover as per SEBI’s Guidelines which is sum of buy value and sell value. For instance, check your EQ Segment’s TO and SEBI TO Charges (SEBI TO Charges are Rs. 10 per crore and it matches with the TO). However, as per ICAI Guidelines, TO is to be computed in a different way as you suggested. We are currently building that, would be out in the next release.

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Ok Thanks @iamshrimohan will wait for the final fixed one . This time will go ahead with QUicko /Cleartax for this year . Also one more doubt , if Turnover crosses 10 Cr , since audit is required the last date to file would be July 31St or Sep 31st.

It would be 31st Sept in that case

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