TV charts not working properly

The TV charts are not working properly. The Issues I am facing are as follows:

  1. Dragging to modify orders is not working stating “Invalid Quantity”
    2 Charts layout are not saving, any modifications that I make on charts gets reset after I refresh my browser. Even if I press manual save layout button is not saving.

Please let me know how to proceed.


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Hi @oldbuoy

We checked and replicated the same scenario at our end. It was working fine. Maybe the broadcast or internet connectivity was hindered from your end.

  1. This case arise when your order is canceled or deleted but your device has not got the update. Please check your internet connectivity or hard refresh the browser.
  2. Similar issue, similar solution.

Hope this helps.

@Naman Hi
Please try using 6 charts layout for day or 2 Issue will arise.For Single charts ita saving the layout but for 6 charts it refusing to save.

I tried resetting the cookies, deleting the site data but issue still persisted. No issue with network either, charts are updating fine.


Hi @Naman

The issue is still persisting. Up to 5 charts Layout Its saving fine but for the layout with 6 or 8 charts it is not saving at all.

Its really annoying sometimes when you need to refresh the browser and all you drawings are gone and you have to mark them again.

Hi @Naman @Dhan_Help @PravinJ

Please find attached video of the issue,.
When I am saving 1, 2 or 3 charts layout its saving fine, but for 4,5 or 6 layouts its not saving on any browser. Since 1, 2 and 3 charts layouts are saving fine no issue seems to be from my end.

Let me know how to proceed.

Sudeep Mehara

@Naman Edited the access setting now video
should be accessible.