UI of Dhan putting me off

While fully appreciating the ‘hot’ features for trading, there is one small thing (technically) which lacks appeal and thus time spent on Dhan app.

Not to compare but just look at the color combination and font selection as well as size on Groww/Zerodha. Padding/Margin is missing too, thus can’t zoom in.

Can you atleast change the font which has better clarity on numbers than alphabets.


Hi @Sam

While UI / Fonts is more of a personal choice. While we stay away from bringing our own biases to this, most features on Dhan are based on continues feedback that we receive.

We are on our 2nd iteration for UI, and there is another one expected soon.

Thanks but clutter-free design is liked by most. Pls do something in this regard on both app as well as web.

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Yes @Sam, updates are in works.


Hi @PravinJ @Dhan_Help

I also want to add some inputs for the Web UI updates.

Some traders prefer using TradingView’s Community Scripts or Strategies so they use split screen on the web portal of the broker as many don’t have multi-monitor setups or trade during their work/lunch hours.

As I understand, Web portal is designed for investors and is very UI rich but for fast traders, it can be a trouble if the UI gets messed up in resizing.

For example, I sometimes use particular community scrips on TradingView so I prefer using broker’s page in a side smaller 1/4th window for just placing the orders.

I observed with Dhan Web that the whole UI gets messed up in such situation and it becomes difficult to use it such scenarios. If I compress it the max limit of the browser window, It just shows the Dhan’s logo and not the home page.

Screen Recording 2022-07-03 at 2.20.32 PM

Not to compare but just to give you an idea, see how some Crypto Broker’s web portal or a competitor Indian Broker’s web portal transforms and wraps it’s UI in a simple manner to enable split screen trading.

Screen Recording 2022-07-03 at 2.23.29 PM

While catching the momentum, it’s very important for fast scalpers to focus on the price movement and avoid being distracted by anything else. In Split Screen Trading, the essential buttons like CNC/MIS, BUY, SELL, MKT & LMT, etc should be accessible on screen, in focus and easy to use. It’s takes seconds to enter the breakout with momentum so scalpers really won’t prefer to focus on anything else and trading preference should remain the same.

Looking forward to some more inputs from fellow traders. Let’s fly with Dhan!! :slight_smile:

I want see Dhan grow more as you have technically capable team to make trading technology the best in the industry! :slight_smile:


Hi @ayaan ,

Thanks for the detailed analysis and suggestion on the split screen feature. We will surely look into how we can better the split screen experience. We also appreciate your trust in us, and are closely working to enhance the trading experience for all our users.

Really interested to understand the importance of the split screening, and the dependency of it from our other community members as well.


Please think about UI font size it so small

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Please do something for UI font

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@RahulDeshpande @PravinJ

tradingview is aware that many users use the split screen so they have incorporated it in their libraries too.

when you compress the window to trade, the layout changes and positions, orders can be managed by selecting the suitcase logo next to buy/sell buttons.

Screenshot 2022-07-05 at 5.12.10 PM

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Hi @mapama8306 ,

Welcome to the Dhan community. :smiley:

Yes, we do have split screen feature and traders can use as per their preference. Additionally, we are regularly upgrading the trading experience across all the platforms.

For some reason my trading is slow compared to my previous broker platform. I was trying to sell off today and the platform is slow.

For a scalper like me 10 to 20 points are make or break and I am not able to push my square off buttons faster.

Hi @Mavvy ,

If you face the issue again, request you please to share with us the screen recording on feedback@dhan.co. We will surely get it checked.

I am unable to change script in Dhan+ Tradingview platform. To change the script I need to go to Watchlist and change. Can anybody help me out please

Hi @Amlann

Welcome to Dhan community. This isn’t needed… on we retained one of TradingView features where you can simple type the name of the scrip and it loads. In case if you arent able to trigger this, please do a hard refresh of your browser.

It should work like this…

You can also trigger this screen by clicking on the top left corner, where in my screenshot it shows RELIANCE

Please immediately improve the font size, make it bold and also make it in contrast for clear visibility for low vision people like me

Updated user experience for Dhan is in making. We plan to roll that out soon.

Please stop all your other development and first improvise your UI in web and mobile in dark mode