Unreliable charting data for Index options?

Hi @Dhan @Dhan_Help team

I see there is a lot of discrepancy in charting data (OHLC) of Index Options. Not just the opening candle but also the other day levels too.

Here is what you will see here:

Nifty Option 17950 CE 29 Dec expiry data on nseindia website. Note the Open, High & Low values of the instrument.

Note the Open, Low, High values here on the NSE website.

Now take a look at what Dhan tv.dhan.com presents

Note the Open, Low & High values here.

Why is there so much discrepancy here? I wonder but not accusing here but looks like either there is a markup on the prices here?

Why is this happening? so frequently.

Hi @mnikhil,

Data that is shown on the charts depends on the feeds that we intake from the exchange. Have explained more about it here.

Are you sure, this is what exchange feed is? I am asking this because the screenshot I provided is from NSE website itself. So, the feed somewhere is getting mangled and tampered with. Is it either markup prices or some where during the phase of ingest, aggregate, stream triggers side of the technical infrastructure. Please check with your data lead/engineering teams here.

copying @PravinJ here

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Hi @mnikhil

The daily OHLC at dhan & NSE website is same. The intraday charts and data is updated with ticks we receive from exchange and brokers may receive different set of data packets from each other, hence you may sometime find difference in intraday charts. The same has been explained in detail in post by @PravinJ

Here is the screenshot for your reference:

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