Unstable Platform

Many issues experienced in TV + Dhan:

  1. Orderbook doesn’t show details until hard refresh.
  2. Higher than 4 chart layout, platform becomes completely unstable, showing random scrips even after repeatedly saving chart layout with specified scrips.
  3. Order placed doesn’t show up on chart. Have to do hard refresh.
  4. There is a option to place SL-L from chart that is a useless feature, doesn’t work since both trigger and limit are same and have to use order box to manually place SL-L.
  5. Chart stops showing data if left out for a few hours, have to again do refresh/hard refresh to get it running.

On the contrary, Chart load times have improved which was a mess before.

Appreciate you banging out feature after feature, but your backend needs work.


Hi @turing0102

Thanks for writing this to us.

We continuously optimise our platforms and bring regular improvements. We will surely look in details on all of your pointers, though we tried and replicated this, most were working fine, we will still test in multiple scenarios.

Point number 4 is valid feedback. We are aware about this. The TV system are designed keeping US markets & conventions in mind. We are in continuous touch with the TV team to get a fix for this.
Point no 1,2,3,& 5, we will dig more into the issue as I said earlier prima facie we replicated and worked fine.

Simliar issue i’m also facing…!

I have asked for desktop terminal
I sent same issues video to dhan care no response
Im options trader
Your charts are having lots of issues
Let me understand you are looking for resolution

Or it time to leave your brokerage firm

Hi Shivakumar, please let us know about any specific issues… helps us understand and resolve the same if we are able to identify.

App chart opening quite show as per dhan customer service suggestion they asked to change the internet I have changed Jio to Airtel but app chart are slow opening

Facing similar issue. If the chart is left un-attended the price mapping stops on the chart . And then after few mins starts populating. In between candles are lost… Yes, my internet was working fine when this event took place. I have already attached video to naman on this about few days back

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Hi @OptionTrader,

We would certainly like to help. We request you to drop us an email at help@dhan.co

We’ll make sure to look into it with the utmost priority.

Dhant Team,

Do we have any solution for this issue ?


I’m also facing the sam issue, as app loading is very slow. 2. If you leave a charte open for an hour or even if you use the same time-frame like 5min or 15min and switch to other TF after sometime, chart will be distorted I have to refresh it again. One more thing is if you refresh the chart it will not load the same script instead it will load what it recently saved chart.

Though new features are very good but existing features should work as well.

Hi All, we raised these queries with TradingView team - and will try to get a solution on this faster. We also went through many of these interactions and see it is specific to charts and response of getting the positions reflected on charts.

Being addressed on priority.

Thank you for the quick turnaround @PravinJ

I have tried many browsers with dhan.tv
out of which “Brave” browser doesn’t show any slowness at all.
It work tick by tick with tradingview.
I have left Crudeoil chart unattained for almost 1 hour, even though it not freeze.
Same time Chrome got freezed and I need to restart chrome browser.
Important thing is “Brave” browser is Chrome based browser.

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