Upcoming Features: in July & August 2022 on Dhan

Hi Everyone,

Its been few months that Dhan has launched and we are super excited about building things that matter - a technology first stock trading & investing platform along with incredible product experience and backed with awesome customer service.

We continue with our tradition to build features & products that our users ask for and also some innovative ones that we will keep bringing to you. June was a exciting month, it brought in many new features that we promised our users; some of them are in works or under development - so yes you will see more product & feature announcements soon.

For July & August, we are working on following products and excited to bring them to you in coming few weeks:

Along with this, we are also rebuilding few of our technology components to ensure you get even more incredible experience on some of Dhan’s most loved features including:

  • Trading from Charts: Faster load times for you, more features for informed trading decisions.
  • Option Chain: We improved the performance, in addition to this we are adding Greeks as well.
  • Watchlist: Enhancements on Web

We are actively considering your requests on getting Options Trader app capabilities on our Dhan Web, including yes - the Strategy Builder. This will take some time, we are still fine tuning our user experience on the Options Trading app based on the feedback we get.

And of course, we will continue to ship some surprises that are not in this list. We enjoy building Dhan for you, and a surprise now and then :slight_smile:

Keep Investing & Trading on Dhan.


You mean from free to paid ?

i m happy to be associated with Dhan. i have wonderful experience till now.
Good job, Dhan team.


Hey @PravinJ ,

It is great to see this progress! :zap:

One more request if that can be accommodated, Realtime Overall P&L Alert


Things get better at Dhan, so not in that direction :slight_smile:


Planing to make Dhan, paid, like subscription thing or something like that?

@abhinayism Dhan will always be free for all users. :innocent:


Hi @PravinJ & @shraddha
I place my trades only through Tradingview Webhook but you haven’t given bracket order option yet so I am not getting much benefit from Webhook. Because I have to enter StopLoss and Target manually.

Adding mutual funds and pledging of the same will bring many more customers to Dhan.

We are collating feedback and suggestions from users about Mutual Funds right now and will start building it on sidelines from August. We always insist on building a better experience than simply offer a plain solution.

MF a new product and full new integrations, while our aim is to bring this soon, but new products require its own time to develop, integrate and test.

There is uncertainty on how pledge against Mutual Funds will work, given then newer sebi guidelines that makes it mandatory for investors money while investing & redeeming to directly go from and to, to investor’s bank account.

We will have this reviewed as well.

Kindly try to add SBGs and other Government bonds too. like Zerodha

#DhanUmbrella :open_umbrella:

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Once mutual fund is purchased it goes to the demat account. From there it can be pledged similar in manner to equity. Am not sure whether an ambiguity exist here.

Hi @abhinayism ,

Will surely evaluate to add the option of buying SGBs and Government bonds once when we plan on bringing MF platform to users.

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Hi @t7support, the update is here: DhanHQ Superfast Trading APIs Update: Trading APIs are now FREE for all

We are making Trading APIs fully free.

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Hi @abhinayism

Update is here: DhanHQ Superfast Trading APIs Update: Trading APIs are now FREE for all

We are making Trading APIs fully free.

Thanks @PravinJ. Just love this from Dhan :+1:

वॉटचलिस्ट, इन्ट्राडे ओपन पोझिशन आणि होल्डिंगचं widget द्यायला जमेल का?