Upcoming Features: in July & August 2022 on Dhan

I like Dhan but lack of features like GTT sell order for equity is stopping me to completely move to Dhan. Also reports do not contain a symbol column. It becomes a big headache for a professional trader like me to make a journal.

Good that you are acknowledging customers feedback, but taking too much time for minor implementations

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Hi @Momo_Trader

Welcome to Dhan community. Request to change your display name as it reflects your mobile number.

Yes - we have recently introduced Forever Orders and also with OCO for Options & Futures. The reason this is not extended to Equity is because we have EDIS based TPIN authorisation in place for selling of stocks in demat account which we believe is more safe and secure for users, your other comment on the hacking of demat account - it was possible to sell without user consent because of absence of EDIS TPIN. We will wait till the new processes DDPI are implemented - which replace PoA to implement equity-side forever orders.

Feedback on adding symbol to statements & reports is noted. Yes - we do make note of all customer feedback and proactively work towards them. Some of them are fast, some of them are slow - we follow our own development cycles and try to keep our users posted on all we are working on (like this post). We will always work toward making Dhan better, and the main reason we have been able to make our platforms better is these feedback we get and customer interactions.

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Noted this @nnJhavarePatil. We have this on our list of things to do.

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Hi Pravin,
Wow, thats a quick reply. I liked it.

Regarding EDIS TPIN limitation for GTT Sell order, if I authorise in the morning, then whats the challange in executing GTT sell order?

I would like to have GTT sell order, but at the time of trigger if authorization is not there, let the order get cancelled.

Hi @Momo_Trader

I wish it was that simple, i will try to explain: Forever Orders is different system and EDIS is different.

When a trigger is reached, we simply send Forever Orders to the exchange for execution. On that day, let’s say for any reason you missed adding authorisation on EDIS - it will be an unauthorised trade and we will be at fault for same. There are penalties for such actions. That aside you will see short orders here in your account.

Systems that send orders to exchanges are always instant, any validation here will delay orders and as a result, users end up thinking our systems are slow for execution.

That aside, these are interesting problems to solve, we have ideas for them and we will hopefully come up with solutions that make things simpler for our users.

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande
डाव्या बाजूला fyers चा चार्ट, त्याबजूला tradingview आणि मोठ्या स्क्रीनवर धनचा चार्ट आहे, ज्या कॅन्डलला मार्क केलाय तिचा high fyers आणि tradingview वर सेम आहे पण धनच्या चार्टवर वेगळा आहे.
इथे अनेक लोकांच्या धनच्या चार्टच्या बाबतीत अजूनही तक्रारी आहेत. कृपया लवकरात लवकर निवारण करावे.

धनकडे निफ्टि futures चा हिस्टॉरिकल डेटा उपलब्ध नाहीये.
४ hrs आणि त्या खालील tf मध्ये फक्त २९ एप्रिल २०२२ पर्यंतचाच डेटा आहे.
तुम्ही जर पुढील आठवड्या पर्यंत हिस्टॉरिकल डेटा उपलब्ध नाही करून दिला तर मला fyers मध्ये ट्रेडिंग सुरू करावे लागेल.
@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Dhan_Help @shraddha @Naman

Dhan is doing excellent job. Keep it up.

I have request to add OI change bar in option chain. Currently OI change figures only available. Same like total OI data bar in option chain, please add OI change bar also.


There should be options for division in your portfolio according to your choie as in watchlist.we invest in different way as long term medium term and short term and different categories a to z.which move differently and their movements is difficult to judge in one portfolio so there should be options in portfolio to divide in different types or segments

Hi @jinsasajas ,

Thanks for your kind words. We work towards providing an exceptional trading experience to all the users.

Your feedback about OI change bar is noted.

Hi @chitarkar ,

Welcome to the Dhan community. :smiley:

We are already working on a feature, where you will be able to check your long term and short term portfolio separately. Will surely let you know once we release it.

@PravinJ Great features. Keep it up dhan team.

Hi @PravinJ

Any dates on launch of iceberg feature please? Very excited!

Hi @pratik01

Iceberg orders are coming up soon, by early August.

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Desperately need this feature either on Web / App! Need to look at the option chain, volume, OI & Greeks…

Welcome to Dhan community @catchyaravind :slight_smile:

Yes, work in progress. You will see this soon on Dhan web, lots of traders have asked for this.

We have already introduced this to TradingView console on web on tv.dhan.co, more on that here: Introducing Option Chain on TradingView (tv.dhan.co)

निफ्टि future मध्ये हिस्टॉरिकल डेटा कधीपर्यंत उपलब्ध होईल की नाही?
मला तेवढ्यासाठी fyers मध्ये चार्ट बघावे लागत आहेत…
@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Dhan_Help @Dhan

We are in process of updating this, should be done in soon.

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तुम्ही म्हणताय तसं लवकर झालं तर उत्तमच नाहीतर मला ट्रेडिंगसुद्धा तिकडेच करावं लागेल.
तरी त्याला काही तारीख देता येईल का?

Hi Pravin,
Wow, thats a quick reply. I liked it.

Regarding EDIS TPIN limitation for GTT Sell order, if I authorise in the morning, then whats the challange in executing GTT sell order?

Hi @Momo_Trader

We have explained this in few replies, think we shud have a post about this on why this isn’t possible. I will do it briefly here,

Trigger orders like Forever (or GTT) are send to exchanges when trigger price is reached, at this time we don’t check if there is a holding or not, or there is a EDIS or not. One day you may give TPIN authorisation and on the day (incase) you forget and order is triggered - it will create a short order in your account on exchanges, which users will dispute that was not by their action + exchanges will penalise us for sending orders without consent.

Few platforms in industry offer sell side on Cash segment for Forever / GTT, it is because users have given them a Power of Attorney. We feel EDIS is safe and secure for users, as you have also heard recently that stocks with few brokers were sold once demat accounts were hacked. I understand it is inconvenience, but we prefer safety of your accounts over bit inconvenience. Hope you understand

SEBI will soon mandate DDPI guidelines soon, we will evaluate the same and if possible bring Forever Orders on Sell side for Equity accordingly.

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