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We have got this old data from exchanges, will add to to reflect on Dhan charts soon.

"SOON" म्हणजे नक्की किती दिवसात?

SPOT/STOCKS च्या चार्टसवर 25MIN, 3MONTHS, 6MONTHS आणि 12MONTHS TFs काधिपर्यंत उपलब्ध होतील?

OPTIONS XTRIKE PRICE च्या चार्टसवर DAILY, WEEKLY आणि MONTHLY TFs काधिपर्यंत उपलब्ध होतील?

Higher time-frame data is a premium feature on TradingView, it is not extended to our TV library.

मग FYERS कडे २५ मिनिट, १२ महिन्यांची TF, OPTIONS STRIKE PRICE च्या चार्टसवर DAILY, WEEKLY आणि MONTHLY TFs कश्या आहे?

तेवढ्यासाठी आम्ही FYERS नायतर TRADINGVIEW PRO / PRO+ वापरायचं का?

I have been using zerodha and 5paisa and I never submitted POA to them and yet they offer gtt orders and they work, I just need to verify beforehand, and why is it that only dhan is expressing this concern? why almost every broker out there is offering gtt orders on sell side, why aren’t they concerned about penalty and running into trouble from regulators? The claim that other brokers offering gtt only for clients who submitted poa is false, but if that’s the case I am willing to submit poa to dhan but you aren’t accepting it, you simply reply that sebi will soon revoke poa, and if that happens you can also revoke poa, simple as that.
Honestly you are just harming yourself with this, because dhan is the most unfriendly platform for equity swing traders, positional traders, and even investors, Only a fool would choose dhan for swing trading and investing in equity, because only a fool will leave their positions outstanding without a protective stop. anything can happen in markets and in world at anytime and any stock can turn against us, thus a wise trader/investor should have a protective stop or else he is simply gambling and wants to lose money over time. also not everyone sits in front of screen everyday to monitor the markets, many people have jobs that keep them busy, I say this because you suggested earlier that I should create alerts at the level at which I would want to place a stop loss and then manually sell the stock, but no one sits in front of their pc or check their phone all the time.
Dhan is simply a platform for day traders and swing traders or investors who are just dumb or beginners (because those who trade without a stop loss are indeed dumb).


Take a look at today’s opening, it is a huge gap down, people who trade and invest in equity in dhan have probably incurred huge loss, but those trading and investing using other platforms which offer gtt have most likely saved themselves and their money by utilizing gtt sell orders.

Hi @Yash0301 ,

We understand your concern. We assure that we will still surely evaluate on bringing GTT orders on the sell side.

you’ve been saying this same thing since months

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