Upcoming Features on Dhan: For AMJ '23 (April, May & June 2023)

The most basic functions are very unreliable with dhan. I traded today after a long time to see whether there are any problems. When i exited carryover spread trade, the short trade was executed but the long trade failed. When I tried to close the long trade, it executed 2 times i.e. sell and again buy. Another order i placed at a limit price, it got executed at market price. I am sorry but I can make do with lean system, but a long list of updates with such horrible trade execution is a complete no no. Please make your system fast and reliable, until then i am sorry to say but this cannot be used for trading.

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Hi @nkspro will ask our team to review trades on your account and connect with you.

Features are being rolled out to few users. Noted this, will incorporate this.

What about alert system

This is also work in progress @Pawarpankaj07. It will be also integrated in some of our existing products.

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  • Please bring the OCO feature on forever order in equity as well as it will be quite helpful for swing traders. With DPPI in place this will be the icing on cake for sing traders. Please consider

  • Also please explore option of placing OCO orders (Forever) directly from Trading view charts. This will take Dhan a long way ahead of others

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Hi @Arathivp

At this moment, we provide Forever order wherein you can place either Target or Stoploss for Equity. We have noted your feedback to bring Forever OCO on Equity and also will explore the possibilities to add this directly via charts.

Thankyou for your feedback.

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Any plan to launch support for currencies & commodities on Tradingview ?

Great to hear that MFs are coming and will be feature packed. I have shared few feedback related to it and wanted to see if they will be part of it or not, like:

  1. comparing performance of fund managers and not just fund
  2. Comparing portfolio overlap between 2 mutual funds

More such features can be found on Tools
Especially pls check their fund pages and something similar will be appreciated.

Lots of update around option trading.
Why you focus more on option trading?
What about positional and swing trader?

Price alert is biggest weapon for positional and swing trader also for investor.

Why you not focus on it as like option trading?

Zerodha - sentinel is much more front in race of price alart.and it is the identity of the market leader.

Dhan have more day trader than positional and swing trader because of this important things.


Hi @erankitjain well to be honest this is in-depth research tool and we won’t get any close to this. We prefer to be closer to execution side v/s being on research side. So yes, want to ensure we set the expectations right for our users. Mutual Funds will be mobile-only product to begin with, available on Dhan app.

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Hi @Harsh, yes we are bit slow on those features and its not by design but by priorities on trading volumes. We are scaling up rapidly and ensuring lots of work is happening to ensure we are managing the trade volumes seamlessly at this moment… before picking up newer enhancements.

On sidelines we are working on features for swing traders. I think Dhan introduced DDPI in Jan this year, and possibly still is the only platform with fully digitised DDPI while large players have recently introduced offline DDPI mode via physical docs. Also brought in forever orders on Equity side on top of DDPI… and now moved a bit to ensure we scale our systems and infrastructure. We have two requests from swing traders for now - Price Alerts and OCO orders. Should get started on them soon.

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Hi @Satyam TradingView integrations depend a lot on development on both teams. We will keep our users posted on that, for now we will be announcing something exciting with TradingView this week.

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That is precisely my ask from the Dhan team. The forever orders from the TV charts will be a game changer.

How to get invite for MF Beta?

Keep a watch on community.dhan.co for more info. Be assured though, community members will be the first people to know about all our announcements.

Cant wait to start my first MF investment using Dhan.


Hi! When will be forever order (gtt) feature on delivery stocks be available?

holding on my other broker only for mf feature, if dhan brings it then i can move all my shares to dhan.
its late but hope it will be smooth.

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Hi @Karthik

We do have a Forever order feature for Equity

At this moment, you will be able to place either target or stop loss in a forever sell order.

Further to use both target & stop loss we have noted your feedback.