Upcoming Features on Dhan: For AMJ '23 (April, May & June 2023)

@PravinJ hey can u please provide the deadline to live the mutual fund platform on dhan.?

@PravinJ why you are giving false commitment on the go live date of the mutual fund on dhan app earlier that was supposed to be released in the month of June July has also been passed and we enter into the month of aug and still asking the same if u will unable to do the live than let’s know because I have join this platform as I have heard about dhan from multiple people but my exp is bad for the same.


Behind the scene infra scaling up to support a fast and seamless trading experience ( forced by a new wave of customers) seems to have delayed this @Fremil1992.

Also no broker other than Dhan to my knowledge shares the upcoming product roadmap with an associated timeline with us traders and strives to deliver the same.

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Hi @Fremil1992 @Skc missed this threads among many, and I also I have been a bit away while our team manages the community more actively. Nothing like ignoring few threads, just that I have made some changes to my schedule.

On Mutual Funds, yes we are behind schedule and I have also shared in multiple other messages on forum that we are prioritising scaling up of our existing products to support new users coming on Dhan. Last month, we were not able to provide an seamless experience for Dhan users on trading and as a result we went back to drawing board to rebuild many of our existing products and features to ensure we first support existing and new customers on trading & investing and then pick up new products and offerings.

Mutual Funds and Stocks, including bonds will be in the same app for Dhan, and it means we also ensure the experience to remain fast and seamless for the new products. We are re-building lot of things and also making changes to web & app platforms.

From what we have mentioned on roadmap, we are behind of Forever Orders with OCO (Equity and Delivery), Updated Webhooks for Options Trading on TradingView, Delivery of Stocks, Updated Flash Trader, Market Feeds, and more. We are pushing hard to ensure we bring many of these to you in August. Also BSE F&O trading is due.

We have been publishing our product roadmap for past 18 months (as also mentioned by @t7support) and more or less have delivered on time. This time around, we have consciously gone slow in building, but put efforts on scaling more on this quarter. We have lots coming your way on Dhan.


Sometimes going back to the drawing board makes much more sense. Happy to see the team prioritising the right things!


@PravinJ Please let us know if delivery volume data will be available on Dhan Web.It would be great if we can get it sooner.

Hi @nx.vijay At this moment it is available on Dhan app. Will consider adding to web as well.

Yes Sir, It is there and very well presented. It is very helpful to understand demand/supply for longer view. Request you to please add it do Dhan Web as most used for analysis. Thanks.