Upcoming Features on Dhan: For Feb & Mar 2023

Hello Everyone,

With you, we continue to build Dhan better everyday. We had a great start in 2023 for Dhan, we are seeing the highest number of traders & investors across our platforms everyday - and that also keeps us on our toes to ensure we continue to provide a seamless experience as we scale.

We have shared our broad roadmap with our users for the full year 2023 (2023: What next to expect from Dhan) and we continue to build and ship things that matter for you. As always, your feedback, suggestions and support helps us build Dhan for you. Few weeks back we also had a walkthrough on Dhan’s journey over the past one year.

Continuing with our tradition of building with our users - Super Traders and Long Term investors, here is the list of things that we are building now. It’s a combination of lots of things our users have asked us to do over a while now.

1. Enhanced Mobile Charts experience - with Multi Chart / Window Experience

Yes - we recently sought feedback from users on improving our charting experience on the Dhan app and we are gearing to ship this by end of February or early March. We improve the charting experience on TradingView for Dhan mobile and allow you to keep multiple charting windows open at the same time + fetch all your positions, orders and also P&L. If love charts and trade from mobile - this is practically everything you can ask for!

2. Forever Orders on Equity & MTF

Keeping up with times and also staying ahead on technology, Dhan (possibly) is the first stock broker to ship DDPI on its mobile app (website coming sooner). With that, we have also started shipping Forever Orders (or GTT as you know it) on Equity & MTF orders.

3. Flash Trader for Options Trading

Dhan now sees lots of Option Traders who take multiple types of positions / trades as markets move towards expiry. We noticed a whole lot of traders, possibly for their trading style - trade on Options based on highest Volumes, Open Interest or close to the underlying (ATM). We are making this selection super simpler with Flash Trader, and also introducing finer controls for you to adjust your trades. Watch out, it’s coming soon - for NIFTY, BANK NIFTY, FIN NIFTY and also all F&O stocks.

4. Market Feed APIs for DhanHQ

This is a long pending request - and the reason it took time is we wanted to perfect this. Now that Dhan’s SuperFast Trading APIs are consumed by many in the ecosystem, including the likes of TradingView, Smallcase, Tata Capital, Stratzy, GoCharting, Algobulls, Algotest and more. We also have over lots of users who are building their own trading systems on top of DhanHQ APIs - we thought we are now ready to open up Market Feed APIs from DhanHQ. Coming soon!

5. Simplified User Experience on Dhan Web

We continue to make Dhan Web lighter with every release, and have now picked up a many enhancements for making Dhan Web more aligned for Traders. A simplified UI, re-structured pages and optimised Order, Positions and Scrip Pages experience is due in next few weeks. This will be an ongoing exercise at Dhan for time to come.

6. Options Trading on TradingView.com

Yes, we know TradingView.com doesn’t provide Options Trading but tv.dhan.co does. That’s an open secret now, but many traders still prefer to do their studies, indicators, research or signals on main TradingView.com itself. With Connect to Trade Panel on Dhan, we help you seamlessly execute trades on Equity directly on TradingView.com, we are now making it super simple for you to trade in Options. On Web, Dhan will soon launch Webhooks as an Order type, making it incredibly simpler for you to trade in Options (or rather in any segment) directly based on your studies on TradingView. This is on web only.

7. Faster Trade Execution on Dhan App

We have constantly received feedback on making trade execution faster on Dhan, for that we made Instant Buy / Sell as default selection in our previous app release to avoid confusion between Regular Order and Instant Orders (with Thunderbolt). We are further improving our App Refresh rates and also simplifying the navigation post order placements to ensure users are able to place and execute trades quickly. Our API response times on order placement with exchanges is between 85 to 135 ms with RMS validations to ensure success for your trades, we continue to make changes on our infrastructure to deliver < 100 ms to you on all our APIs.

8. Trading Notes - Because Every Trade is Different

Every trade a trader places is different - yes, we know! And many disciplined trades want to make notes on every trade they take - while we enhance the journey of a trader with Trader’s Diary, very soon we are introducing Trading Notes - a simple note trader can make with every trader - either while taking the trader, or after. At no time this will hinder your trading experience. Ofcourse, your Trading Notes will also be visible in your Trader’s Diary and Past Trades. Be a better & disciplined trader, with Dhan!

9. Improved Investor & Trader experience on Dhan Web & App

Trading & Investing is one part of Trading experience, and the other part of it is user management, reporting and statements. We recently launched a facility to update Email Address & Mobile Number of our users on Dhan Mobile (web is coming soon), Ability to Add & Update Nominations, followed by DDPI to enable Fast Sell; next we bring to you ability to add & update your Primary Bank Account and also better experience with Managing your Banks & Payments.

10. Improved Statements Experience on Dhan Web & App

Over a period of last few months, we have also streamlined your experience of Statements on Dhan to cover for all edge-cases - we are now also ensuring we bring snapshots & summary of these reports directly on Web & App, so you do not have to go through these reports on email as we currently do. Yes, email will be an option available - while a snapshot will be readily available.

11. In-Line Margin Top-up with Instant Pledge

Traders, more particularly Option Buyers love the pledge experience on Dhan. We have written about this in detail here. To further simplify the pledging experience - we are making this in-line with our Margin Top-up flow, starting with the Dhan app first and later on Dhan web as well.

Before you ask - another BIG Project in the works at Dhan is Mutual Funds Investments. We are on the last leg of development and testing here, ensuring we do all fine-tuning and build right communication & statements here from day 1.

Is that all - no, we will keep shipping more on the sidelines to improve overall trading & investing experience, and also are optimising the charts experience every week. We are not taking further requests on Indicators for now while we finish other tasks on hand - however with TradingView direct integration via Trade Panel and also our new upcoming Webhook Orders, Options Trading with any indicator directly via TradingView will be a breeze.

Keep Investing & Trading on Dhan, and help us build an incredible platform for you. Thank you.



Excited for this one!! :star_struck:


Scalper’s Delight!! :heart::heart_eyes:

@PravinJ Any update on the new design & improved version of the options trader app?

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@PravinJ Kindly add Analyse options for exisiting Position to show Payoff graph and other details similar to option strategy builder. Because once trade is taken same is not available.


Finally an update for Notes . Statement
If possible try to add “INVESTED” Watchlist in TV.DHAN


Please add to direct access the chart whereever any script/stock/option/fut is listed, same like its LTP.

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@PravinJ Please update the price alert system. Need web notifications. Its extremely needed.


It would be best if you could your app design in sync with tradingview’s app just like you do it for tv.dhan.co


Anything on Price alert system


In works, we will pick this after we launch Mutual Funds. Glass version will come on Options Trader app + many more updates.

Yes, on our list of things to do.

We are moving to a new backend platform for Price Alerts. Work is already on for this, we list only public releases here. Hopefully soon, yes - many requests for same.


Cool :+1: Stuff
Keep Rocking

I am so much excited for this feature! I love Dhan for always stepping up a level every month! I am witnessing the fastest growth of an Indian Broker ever! I am happy to be a part of Dhan! :two_hearts:

@PravinJ I respect and salute your vision! I have never seen someone with such an excellent take on trading technologies of the future in Stock Market!

I have seen Brokers relenting a change to current tech trends while you are killing the kings with ur monstrous moves! Literally nailing down the Kings by providing the world class tools for free!

I wish Dhan’s team all the best for this rocket speed journey to the future of trading in India!

Still a long way for us to go. Building more what’s meaningful for investors & traders in India.

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Hi @PravinJ thanks for heads-up.

Currently, iceberg order is limited to 100 legs per order. Any plan to upgrade it to say 200 legs?

(Also mention if there are any technical drawbacks to increase number of legs).


will we be able to use this in Quantower and what will be charged for this?

Hi @PravinJ
Any update related to Quantower integration?