Upcoming Features on Dhan: For Feb & Mar 2023

Still a long way for us to go. Building more what’s meaningful for investors & traders in India.

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Hi @PravinJ thanks for heads-up.

Currently, iceberg order is limited to 100 legs per order. Any plan to upgrade it to say 200 legs?

(Also mention if there are any technical drawbacks to increase number of legs).


will we be able to use this in Quantower and what will be charged for this?

Hi @PravinJ
Any update related to Quantower integration?

Please launch a new paper/virtual trading mobile application for new learners. Even the experienced traders need it as they need to test new trading strategies now and then.

Hi @Ajay1990

We have address your query here

@Dhan @PravinJ is forever order available for sell also in equity? or its only for buy side i dont see option in sell side


We are enhancing forever orders for Sell-side in Equity and will surely update all our users once we are ready.

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When exactly can expect #3 and #6 made available?

hi @Trader0101 - both are under development. We hope to bring them soon.

Can you please arrange for zoom session or video tutorial explaining key changes when it is ready. That will be super useful.

We normally make a detailed post on the community about the new features, and developments in our products. Will let you know once we release.

Even I’m waiting for the same …
There is plenty of room in tech to develop to adjust options that no one is focusing on…
When market is cool then it is easy to adjust positions but when it makes violent moves it is really hard to find the strikes and the adjustments…

One more request is
@PravinJ please concentrate on web platform because its response is really slow

Hope the GTT will include Buy side also as it will be so useful in buying Options and placing sell, stop loss simultaneously, at one go.

Hi @mdk,

Welcome to Dhan community!

In Forever/GTT for Options, you can place both Target and/or Stop Loss for options (Normal/Delivery) with the help of Forever OCO order on your open position. We have introduced Bracket Order (Intraday) for options by which you can place First leg + Target & SL.

This is the first iteration of these order types on Dhan. We will continue to enhance these to cover all scenarios for our traders.

Thanks for your reply. It’s good to know. Can I ask on be more question!!
In option strategy, how to place stop loss?
Thanks for your time.

Hi @mdk,

Post execution of strategy you can add stop loss from position tab manually.

I am very exited to see these upcoming features . My request is to add one more unique feature i.e " VIRTUAL TRADING IN OPTION WITH POSITIONAL PORTFOLIO FACILITY" . This can help most of retail trader who are always seeking here and there to get this facility. I think no broker facilitating till now. I expect this facility will be available in your platform soon.

Exactly, Dhan has more serious bugs on latency and price updates. But whenever we raise such concern with these people, they simply don’t agree and make us fool by repeating same statement(Ref. Pic). These repeated response made me feel that its unethical and unfair broker.

@PravinJ @Dhan
Keep other feature update later just prioritise app refresh rate. It is too much frustrating to use the app. It laggs too much.