Upcoming Features on Dhan: for Jan & Feb 2023

Hello Everyone,

Dhan continues to get better everyday. We did in 2022, and we expect to keep doing the same for 2023 as well. We expect your support, suggestions, feedback as you have always done to come our way as we build in incredible trading & investing experience on Dhan.

We have already shared our larger roadmap for 2023 here (2023: What next to expect from Dhan) from which we have already started shipping.

From the Key Product launches for the year, here is the update:

  • Dhan Mobile App (2023 Glass Edition): We rolled out this to all users in last week of Dec 22 itself., in case you haven’t updated your apps - we request that you check the app stores. Sneak preview of what you are missing is here.

  • Options Web with Custom Strategy Builder: We have given early access to select users and we continue to received feedback from them. We expect to open access to all Dhan Super Traders to same in month of Jan 2023 itself. A full list of the features is available here and you can register for access to same here.

Beyond the above mentioned platforms, here are few things we are building for you - and you will notice most of them are based on suggestions we have received from our users :slight_smile:

  • DDPI on Dhan - We will bring this soon, no need to enable EDIS every time you sell. Simply enable DDPI once on Dhan and going forward you will be able to sell from your portfolio without the need of EDIS TPIN or additional authorisation. Live now: Now Live: Fast Sell with DDPI

  • Instant Orders on Trader Controls - A lot of users who are now super comfortable on Dhan have asked us repeatedly to keep only single buttons for execution on Dhan on our order placement windows. We are now enabling Instant Orders - as single option for instant execution on Dhan App.

  • Updating Email Address & Mobile Numbers - We promised we will do a lot more on Dhan to ensure customer service requests are completed digitally. We are starting this by enabling option to update your email address & mobile numbers on Dhan app, all by yourself. We will extend this more services in coming months, no need to do these changes offline. (Live now: Now Live: Update Email / Mobile Online)

  • Managed smallcases on Dhan: Smallcase on Dhan are very popular, and of-course as you would know that Dhan is one of the only places possibly where there are zero charges as smallcase fees for Investments or SIPs. A lot of users have asked us to bring managed smallcases, which are offered by your favourite professional investment advisors via smallcases. Yes, so this is coming up soon.

  • QR based Referral System: Dhan continues to grow, largely through word-of-mouth. Some of our best users who are Super Traders & Long Term Investors on Dhan continue to refer their friends & family members to Dhan, it is also rewarding - we give users 20% of brokerage earned that can be withdrawn directly to your bank account. Dhan comes up in many conversations and we wanted the process to refer Dhan become more seamless. So we are bringing soon - QR based Referral, with which you can now quickly share your own Dhan QR code and onboard your trader & investor friends and family members. (Live now: Introducing: A Faster Way to Refer to Dhan with your QR)

  • Floating P&L on Positions: For web traders, do not lose sight of your P&L. (Live: Introducing: Floating P&L & Indices)

  • Floating Indices: For web traders, do not lose sight of key indices - NIFTY & BANK NIFTY. (Live: Introducing: Floating P&L & Indices)

This aside, there many more enhancements that we are working on, some of them will naturally follow in coming months and if we manage to get time, we will ship even more faster. Lot of our enhancements will be to improve on statements & reporting. With DDPI getting enabled, natural extension will be enabling Forever Orders on Equity & MTF sell side, which obviously you will see from us soon.

Options Web with Custom Strategy Builder (Live now: Now Live : Options Trader on web with Custom Strategy Builder For All) and Mutual Fund investments are the key products we are building presently.

We listen to every feedback and suggestion we get, you can connect with us across all channels. And we continue to be in our journey to bring a super experience for Long-term Investors & Super Traders in India.

Keep Investing & Trading on Dhan. Thank you :pray:


It’s really good to see you regularly announcing features upfront which the team is working on.

Any difference between DDPI & POA? Both are offline documents which need to be signed and couriered unless regulations allow esigning of DDPI?

hi @gegobyte - DDPI is fully online, digitally done and it is a replacement for POA. SEBI has stopped brokers from taking POA now, DDPI is the way forward.


What about Mutual fund which was expected to ship by 2022 December.

No MF and Bonds in Jan/Feb then :frowning:

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MF we are building full product grounds up, it is not built out as an additional feature on top of existing one. Hence taking time - and like I mentioned, these are feature list - many of them are over and above our large planned launches of 2023.


So, we expect a new app for MF from the Dhan or into main Dhan app?

Mutual Funds will be in the main Dhan app. We build platforms for user-persona, not for products.

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Hi Sir, would it be possible to integrate/source the financial/fundamental data from some place more reliable. As you can see, the numbers are off in the first one and no data available in the second. This is just to cite an example which I’ve noticed. Just a food for thought.

Also the news on web doesn’t refresh that often. Maybe some more brainstorming could be done on the fundamental data side to make the portal more inclusive.

No announcement reg Websocket for streaming Live Data?

It’s work in progress on our end, we are testing this. Will release once we are fully satisfied with its streaming capabilities.

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please add Price Alert option on Trading view Charts itself.

@Dhan @PravinJ Hi Sir, kindly bring a glass edition for options traders app also. I have been requesting sticky order window in all d platforms since 2months but no update till now. Also, the basic info, and profile of a company are missing in ur platform. pls incorporate that too asap.

Sticky order window is available on Dhan app, also introducing all Instant Order in coming days - which is listed here. Glass edition, we will bring to Options Trader, it will come with strategy builder and more, but we haven’t started working on this - it will be after all fully launch strategy builder on web. It’s coming with many capabilities.

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One more feature Please add ATM Straddle Charts

Thanks for ur reply sir. I am asking sticky order window on the web and options trader app sir. Also, the basic info, and profile of a company are missing in ur platform. pls incorporate that too asap.

We had evaluated few partners for the basic info and company profile, the data quality on that is average. Also companies keep evolving with time, and the descriptions stay older and become irrelevant. Hence, we skipped this; no immediate plans to add for now.

I agree with u totally sir but u can add basic info like the products they deal with, services they offer etc., Y depend on other sir? ur robust team can do this. Hope it will happen.

UI feature request:

In the option chain please highlight At-The-Money (ATM) strike price. The entire ATM row should be highlight i.e. Call, Strike price, and Put.

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