Upcoming Features on Dhan: for May 2022

Hi All,

We receive lots of feedback and suggestions from our users, in the last one month alone, we have possibly have got few hundreds of request. We make a note of each one of them, and we let know when we ship them.

Keeping everyone posted what new features we are working on.

And of course this is in addition to all enhancements and updates we keep doing. We expect to ship the above features over the next few weeks.

Keep Investing & Trading on Dhan.


You are the most active broker!

Thank you for listening and for being a game changer.


Thank you @Redd

We already have tested this internally, will start with beta testing for users hopefully in this month itself. Its difficult to make it seamless, know all banks have different rules - trying to make sure we give best possible experience here.

Even today, we process payouts 5 to 6 times in a day.


From last so many months asking a small feature… " NOTES" section ( field ) is price alerts screen. Only fake promises given by your end. Nothing is implemented in this regard.

Hi @Vaibhav, we prioritise requirements based on a lot of things - at this moment core investing & trading products and features are highest priority and other requests that more users of Dhan ask for.

Yes, aware that this has been requested, and we will pick this up. You won’t be disappointed for sure, we go through all requests that users make to us from time to time. The reason this post is here, to ensure users know what features we are working on at this moment.

Hi @sajjad, at some point yes. Many users are now asking us to include Mutual Funds.

In fundamental add financial trade, add more details in ratios, quality of stock, valuation and expert rating about the stock etc. In fundamental

Think this is a required feature for few options sellers, can you please bump this up on your list to do - allowing us to buy/transfer direct mutual funds & pledging them for margins for trading :slight_smile:


Perhaps an feature to see Earnings Report and Federal annoucment & RBI annoucment etc would be nice.

Hi @Satyam

Thanks for the suggestions, I am hoping this should get covered in Corporate Actions (summary of earnings) + Real-Time News.


Thanks for prompt reply

@PravinJ Smallcase linkage will be awesome. Can I also check if you are implementing changes to allow to change the primary bank account in Dhan?

Hi @MostlyNerd

Thanks, smallcase is already in testing - so expect it sooner. Primary bank account change, we have made a note of this, when we pick this up we will let know. Idea of this post is to ensure our users know what we are working on among the features that have been requested.

SWOT Analysis - it is very useful for investing perpose so please consider that in your next project.


Plz add unlimited watchlist or all indices & sectors constituents as pre watchlist

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Hi @RupeeGym

On Dhan you can add upto 1000 stocks in watchlist, its 100 stocks in 10 watchlists. This is highest compared to any platform in India :slight_smile:

That aside we also have special invested watchlist that tracks the stocks in your portfolio automatically. Again a first in industry.


That invested watchlist isnt sync in tv.dhan…

Hi @Satyam

We had enabled invested watchlist on tv.dhan.co and later removed this.

When we had this live on TradingView console, user’s were adding scrips to their invested watchlist - which temporarily appeared but then used to disappear - this is because invested list is an auto-created watchlist by Dhan and gets sync’d based on user’s portfolio.

While users are busy trading, they usually didn’t realise they are adding scrips to invested list… which our systems check in background and were auto deleting. Led to users complaining that watchlists aren’t working on TradingView.