Upcoming Features on Dhan: For October & November

Upcoming Features on Dhan: for months of October & November

Hello Everyone :wave:

Dhan continues to get better everyday!

We dedicate the next 2 months (October & November) on Dhan - to Super Traders.

Yes, we are building incredible and core trading features and at the same time also improve many of existing features where we have received your feedback, suggestions and complaints that highlight what we have to focus on. Our focus continues to be on building an incredible product, technology and customer service and we are doing everything to make sure you get nothing but simply the best.

We continue to our journey by picking up many BIG features that we aim to ship in October and November, yes they are huge and many need extensive development and possibly we may extend these timelines to December as well.

Here is what next 2 months look like on our product & features roadmap for Dhan:

Incredible & Core Trading features:

Feature Enhancements for better User Experience:

  • Update Mobile Number & Email Address on App (will soon extend to change of primary bank account)
  • Dormant Account Activation on App (As Dhan continues to improve, lot of our early users are now coming back to us. Helps them start again)
  • P&L Statements (We continue to make statements experience better)
  • Introduction of daily P&L in Trading Journal

New Product Launches:

  • Mutual Funds (expecting to go live before end of the year ie. December 2022)

More for the Community:

  • We realised the Dhan community (even if smaller) is becoming quite active everywhere - be in here on this forum, on our Telegram channels, following us on Twitter or even in our meet & greet events across India.
  • We plan to introduce few more team members in this quarter to Dhan community and also revamp this. @RahulDeshpande who manages the Dhan community will post on this topic soon.

Now that we talking about December already, we also have 2 secret & awesome side projects running at Dhan. These are experiments, we hope to see some light on this and if all works well - you will get treated with some of the best trading experiences in India, we give it a hint: one is to do with core Trading engine & one is to do to User Experience.

But again you also know that at Dhan we ship what we commit, and we also ship what we don’t commit :slight_smile:

So expect surprises from us, many small and medium features that we announce and at times just let you experience them and we are happy to be silent spectators.

Just to recollect, in last quarter (July, August and September) we shipped below features to enrich your trading & investing experiences on Dhan.

We listen to every feedback and suggestion we get, you can connect with us across all channels. And we continue to be in our journey to bring a super experience for Long-term Investors & Super Traders in India.

Keep Investing & Trading on Dhan. Thank you :pray:


🫡 For Strategy Builder and Hedge Breaking Alerts!

Fixing Price Alert should be a Priority Sirji
P&L Alert based on Mtm would be great :upside_down_face:

Exit Based on P&L of a Group Position/strategy 🥹

Ability to Write in Traders Dairy the same day

Note- Traders Dairy should be available the same day for writing Notes. It shows up Tomm. By then we would have missed a few key parameters considered for Taking Trades no :thinking:


Hey @Gangavarapu Traders diary is now available for select users, we will continue to check usage and patterns before announcing this for all.


@PravinJ sir add most active at the money options for stock scanner

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@ravishahane noted. how do you use this usually, will try to evaluate accordingly

To find momentum in stocks. at money strike (% change ) also add price near highest open interest strike

Hey, will speak with some more users to understand such use-cases, will bring up something of value.

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Can we expect trailing stoploss in bracket and cover order features for options?

Trailing Stop Loss is available even right now for Options, more here - Introducing Trader’s Best Friend: Trailing Stop Loss on Dhan

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Any plans on working on alert feature for TV charts and push notification of alerts in web browser?
@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande


Hi @Sahil, For TV charts they functionality is not extended to the hosted library that is available to us. If it gets done, we will bring it for sure. On Price Alerts, we will be revamping the product completely and then consider adding new features. We will keep posting on updates for that on community.


Sir expected date for MTF trading ?

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@Skr This should be hopefully go live in next 4-6 weeks. We have built it and using internally, it requires testing in couple of exchange mock sessions before we make it live for all users.



Yes, this is a feature requested by many and we are evaluating this. Just want to ensure we do this right.

Great to know that each month Dhan is not just updating but upgrading significantly. This benefit the entire community of not just Traders, but Investors at large. The revolutionary changes Dhan brings regularly is delightful and makes the day to day trading actions work in favour of the Retail Traders and Investors like us.

Kudos to Dhan developers team and also to many who have given tangible suggestions making Dhan what it is today. Moving from ‘Zero’ to Dhan has been a journey and I must say that it is fruitful.

Looking forward to more such upgrades to make this the No.1 trading and investing platform in India.

Jai Hind Jai Bharat :india: