Upcoming Features on Dhan: June & July 2022

Hi All,

May has been an exciting month for us, we delivered many awesome features and yes there is some which are work in progress., so I am including it over here.

We are working on the following features on Dhan at this moment:

Is that all, no. There will be many surprises that are not on this list.

Keep Investing & Trading on Dhan.


Very excited about this one!!!


Glad to know about the upcoming updates, i would like to add some more features in option selling. Now since we will be able to directly select call / put strike prices directly from OI data, also keep analyse trade option with greeks because that is strictly very much important for doing adjustments. Attaching screenshot from sensibull for reference.

And once trade is executed, make it in such a way that if we what to make adjustments in any position we can easily do that.


@PravinJ @Dhan_Help @RahulDeshpande @Naman

  1. OPTIONS CHAIN वर ज्या STRIKE PRICE वर जास्त OI आहे ती PRICE चार्टवर HILITE व्हायला पाहिजे.

  2. REAL TIME CHANGE IN OI अपडेट दिसायला पाहिजे.

  3. चार्टवर 25मिन, 3महिने, 6महिने, 12महिन्यांची TF उपलब्ध करुन देण्यात यावी.

  4. STRIKE PRICE च्या चार्टवर 1दिवस, 1आठवडा, 1महिन्याची TF उपलब्ध करुन देण्यात यावी.

  5. MA आणि ATR ह्या INDICATORS मध्ये INDICATOR TF हे फिचर उपलब्ध करुन देण्यात यावे.

  6. व्यवस्थित काम करणारं PRICE ALERT फिचर तेपण डायरेक्ट चार्टवरून.

  7. TV+DHAN ची वॉटचलिस्टमध्ये अरेंजमेंट A-Z, Z-A; WATCHLIST मध्ये SECTONS बनवता यायला हवेत.

  8. डायरेक्ट चार्टवरून स्टॉक WATCHLIST मध्ये ADD करताना बनवलेल्या WATCHLIST सुद्धा ADD TO WATCHLIST मध्ये दिसायला हव्यात.

  9. DAILY, WEEKLY, MONTHLY TF ला COUNTDOWN TO BAR CLOSE उपलब्ध करून देण्यात यावे.

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Hi Dhan Family,
Joined just now after watching reviews, very eager to make a new start.
Looking forward to have some features badly needed which are there even in free version of tradingview.in web portal (pics attached), notably provision to add invite-only and custom scripts and indicators as well as provision to use pine editor.
Having these would prove that this app is the best in terms of useability and practical features.

Aah, found issues with built-in default charting app implementation also. With builtin indicators on chartiq, charts not plotting properly, comparing with chartiq on zerodha. Pl. check and advise.

Same setting in zerodha:

Sir please modify the holding section :

  1. Stock list as per users’ choice.
    I eagerly waiting for this.
    O Yes, you added total number of stocks in Holding section. This is very impressive for me. Thank you.


I already reported the issues i had faced the same issue

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Was thinking of this feature and here it’s coming, thanks :slight_smile:

I am looking for the below features if they can be integrated:

  1. Tradingview custom indicators which are available on their platform
  2. Quarterly Timeframe
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What about API? It will be great for option buyers.

hi @rahulmr

You can find all APIs from Dhan at : https://dhanhq.co/

Hi @Asha

Welcome to Dhan, we keep improving Dhan based on the feedback that we receive. Many many users have asked the requirement to add directly to Baskets - it will be be soon.

Custom Indicators on TradingView, not all of them get extended to library we use. So some of them are built by us and rest from TV. We will soon post a list of all indicators on Dhan for everyone’s convenience.

Hi @CCCB70625

We are working on making Watchlists much better and simpler, you will see few improvements on them already - visually clean, drag and drop, and so on. More is coming.

Hi @Vipin42

Noted this. We are also evaluating making Options Trader tools on web, but before that we will perfect many things on the Options Trading experience. We want to make things seamless for option traders.

Hi @Nawal @ZB83 We have almost 80% users giving preference to TradingView and I am sure you must have noticed updated there are much faster. ChartIQ we know that we are on the latest library compared to anyone else, but updates to that are bit slow.

If you could share a consolidated list of requirements to us on feedback@dhan.co, we will pick them up accordingly. For now we will do comparison on ChartIQ and check to ensure all is fine.

Hello @PravinJ

I agree with you that , what if same thing isnt available over TV and we are using such indicator for find trade ? and my first preference is TV.

can u add alert via charts option in TV.dhan in june & july update?

I was talking about the GTT forever order API for placing OCO type of entries and basket order API, I don’t see such APIs, only a contact us button


One thing I want to add, not only from Option Chain but also from search list and watchlist, we can add Calls/ Puts, Futures to the basket. Please consider this requirement.