Update: Marketfeed Outage today (8 Feb, 2023)

Dear Community,

We’re building Dhan every day with a simple goal - to ensure that you, our users, have access to the best product experience at all times. To do so, we’ve always made sure that we use modern, robust tech and infrastructure to deliver products that operate well at all times.

That said, there are moments when unexpected things can happen, regardless of how well we operate or put checks & balances in place. Unfortunately, today was one of those days.

One of our servers at the Datacenter encountered an issue due to which users experienced an outage in the data feed between 11.16 AM to 11.20 AM. The data feed was inoperative for those 4 minutes, however, all our orders & transaction systems were working fine. We also received a few queries about the issue during this window.

None of us were expecting this but we moved swiftly to fix the issue by switching to an alternative server. This was a manual process that took a few seconds, although our systems are set to auto-failover. Instances like this, although unavoidable, are always unpleasant ones.

We would like to apologise to the users who had to face this issue. Every one of us at Dhan believes in building the best product experience and days like these are another learning for us. Building tech products is complex. Building broking products that are tech-led with a user-first approach is even more complex.

We’re proud to welcome thousands of traders & investors to our platform every day. As we keep growing, we will ensure that instances like today are avoided in the future. Thank you for trusting us - we will continue to strive for excellence in product & customer experience.

Alok Pandey


Outages on Dhan are very rare! I have been using tv.dhan.co from a year and I can confirm that! I really love the transparency! I was watching it that time and I must admit that it was fixed really fast! :zap:

Yes. In a connected world though we take connectivity for granted, technically its impossible to maintain 100% uptime 24x7. Thus what matters is how quickly connectivity is restored when out of the blue scenarios happen. I have faced such broker outages before but never saw someone fix it as fast as Dhan did.

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