Update to Dhan Python Library - Updated to v1.2

Hello everyone,

Here’s a quick update on DhanHQ - our ever growing API ecosystem with trading community and trading partners. When we say we are a tech led product, we want to grow the whole ecosystem on our core infrastructure - our APIs.

Our team takes extreme pride in announcing that few of the partners have integrated within 5 days, the whole API stack and built a product suite on Dhan APIs. And not just that, with our Python Client Library, any individual can integrate Dhan APIs within seconds - lightning fast as always.

Over the last year, thousands of users have experienced Dhan APIs - directly or indirectly. And some of these open source contributors have built tools, performed rigorous testing and improved the whole API offering with their valuable feedback. With one of a kind Developer Kit, anyone with a Dhan account can try and test these APIs themselves, without writing a single line of code.

Today, we are announcing an upgrade to our Python Client Library: DhanHQ v1.2

At Dhan, we introduce new features and enhancements iteratively, ensuring our users always get the best products.

What’s New in v1.2?

1. eDIS Authorisation
With the Python library v1.2, the entire eDIS flow is automated. With the set of these APIs, you can complete the entire eDIS authorisation straight from your console.

2. MTF on APIs
We recently introduced MTF on APIs (here). And now, we have added MTF order placement as part of our Python Library as well. And it remains as simple as always, no new API to integrate. Just add dhan.MTF in product_type and you can now place MTF orders on Python.

3. Order Slicing APIs
Slice your orders into legs with dhan.place_slice_order. And all your orders above Freeze Limit will get auto-sliced, so that you only focus on your trades.

Also, in the endeavour of making Python Library easier for users, we are updating API Documentation at DhanHQ - here. With one click, you can now view detailed Python API documentation. All of this has been built on the community feedback we have received over time.

Happy Trading on Dhan!

– Hardik


Good Stuff, Good Stuff :+1:

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Dhan Webhook itself not allowing to trade from trading view in commodity section. Resolve it.


With the current version of Webhook, we do not support direct webhook orders in the commodity section. You can use Baskets to place orders in the Commodity Segment. Soon, we will roll out TradingView Webhook update as well which will enable this.


Then Explain About How to trade in Basket with Trading View Webhook?

Thanking You…

Hello @NIKSON11

We have added a detailed explanation with video over here: Introducing: Now execute your Basket Orders via webhooks on TradingView. Moreover, you can reach out to @Dhan_Help at help@dhan.co.