Useless Order Placement 28 June 2023

Hi team dhan,

I was existing my positions at 3pm Wednesday on 28 june

Even after existing my positions dhan app was showing my positions are still running .

On both mobile app and browser platform. ( Even after refreshing the pages for multiple times)

So had too put same order again to exist it.

After some time new orders or reverse positions have been created.

I had a very hard time existing those new positions .

Which was not showing …also I had to incur losses because if this glitch.

I have added Screenshot of order book .( See 44000 Call)
I have Exited it at 15.03 but it was showing in my postions till 15.10PM hence the other orders


Hi @vikramurdu91,

Please share your registered details at or via Dm to connect and review further.

I also had the same issue. The order below got executed but it was shown as open under positions tab (Dhan web) even after multiple hard refresh actions. For a while I got confused and around 10 min later I opened Dhan mobile app where the said issue was not there. Then after couple of minutes the position got reflected correctly on web.

This kind of bugs can really confuse the trader as to what is happening. Please avoid this kind of issues in future.


Its a very unreliable platform to use, I lost 13000/- because I could not exit order on time.

Hi @vikramurdu91 @curt @9654418102

We have addressed the issue here: Incident Report: 28 June 2023

Our teams are instructed to get in touch with you regarding this issue. Kindly request your patience in mean while. Thank you.

Some one called and said we will look into it, they should look into and then call, they will keep looking into it and people will keep loosing money unnecessary. @PravinJ

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u exited safely or exited in loss

I checked the order history. There I saw that the order had executed. So I thought this is a frontend bug at Dhan so didn’t fire another order to exit the open position. So no loss for me due to this bug at Dhan.



While we understand the unfortunate incident at Dhan the customer care agents giving standard responses - internet connectivity, relogin, no issues at Dhan end etc is not very reassuring for the customer. As Dhan gets better everyday the customer care agents who are the first point of contact for the customer should also get much better than this.


Yes, understand we have to improve here… however since incidents are isolated our teams have to rely on basic checks to ensure same. Like in this case as well, we had 115,000+ users connected. Feedback noted on same.

So customer care agents can check with the appropriate team and respond after asking the client to hold. Standard canned responses make customer care agents look like bots and of no use to the customer in distress.


@t7support fully agree on this… Customer care replies are like bots and fail to give proper resolutions and always act as the problem is at Customer’s end (our end) or team will look into issue and the problems keep repeating themselves…
and the main concern and sad thing is earlier we were getting some healthy & actionable responses in the community posts here from the top team. but from past few weeks i have noticed whenever some buggy or real problems happen they just tell everyone (share details at email to connect and review further) A typical smart response technique which mainly diverts the real issue and through some curtains on reality!
i already did DM in the past to top community Manager after they told me to DM and then after i didn’t even get a single reply on that even after providing proper details and the problems keep coming and repeating…

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faced exactly same problems like you… even after multiple refresh , other platform login logout in such volatile conditions… it didn’t showed correctly… live P&L was also running even after position exit and new positions or new exit was not reflecting… (be it Tv.dhan or Options Trader App or Web.dhan)